Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


For SKB, about 15-20 billion. Haha


Now that the bug might make it lucrative, how is the GoT video mode supposed to be played? Is someone an expert on it?


5-10 bil. More if you play HOTK. But on a consistent basis, with a hard setup, I usually only finish 2 houses :wink:
But yea, like chuckwurt said, I’m typically in the 10-15 bil range lol. 15-50 bil if you play as Greyjoy, but much much much harder to pull off.
I’ll do some more testing though and report back.
Gotta bail for now, but more to come…


I usually skip it. But when I play I just mash the right button and action button together as fast as possible sometimes alternating and that seems to work.


Huh? On a consistent basis, you only finish two houses, but on a consistent basis you score in the 10-15 bil range? This makes no sense on a Pro (unless you’re simply spamming a maxed spinner all day).


Yes. lol I saw someone at Free Gold Watch got a significantly higher VM high score, but it was still less than 1B. I want to say it was 700M plus. Anyone else seeing SW VM high scores over 500M?


I’d also be interested if anyone actually has success playing GoT video mode without mashing. I’ve tried now and then to play it '“skillfully”, but, alas, all of my Street Fighter skills don’t seem to translate :slight_smile:


Yep. Double bonus playing VM at 40x and Hoth I at the same time. Back to back goodness.


bil, consistent or hard.


So 40x plus Hoth1 = 80x?

Setting that up playing as anything but R2D2 has got to be tough.


OK, maybe not 5-10 or 10-15 bil range, it’s more like 1-30 Bil range. Depends how good you are at wall multiball. And its not consistent where it’ll be every game, but I find it more consistent and more rewarding than lighting 4 houses and playing HOTK. I just did 3 ‘test’ games to record the strategy to share. I really need to get some cameras that can hook into a MacBook Pro and do some streaming and/or recording - if anyone wants to shoot me a pm with what hardware/software I need to run on a MacBook let me know; or I can just fly out to Chuckwurts house and we put on a GOT show hahaha. Anyway, Im home sick with my son and game 1 was a bit distracting and it was over before it began, and didn’t even play wall multiball. That said, game 2 I got 1.5 Bil wall multiball and game 3 I got 25 bil wall mb. These aren’t my total scores, this is just what I got during wall multiball. Game 1 total score was 2.7 bil, and game 3 was 39 bil.

Most of you on here are in league and tournaments; this is why im sharing - Where I live, there aren’t any leagues or tournaments nearby nor do I have the time lately with 5 yo and 9 mo old. And there isn’t a GOT PRO on location around here either so I make do with what I have. So I’d love to see you guys put this to the test on locations, leagues, tournaments, etc… and report back.

Time to let the cat out of the bag. Let’s call this SKB’s 10 Bil in 10 mins GOT PRO challenge. Keep in mind this probably won’t be efficient on the prem/LE.

In this challenge, you will need to know how to stack wall multiball and whc multiball. For this strategy, I use Baratheon, Stark, Greyjoy, and Lannister to setup the stack. But, as you’ll read, you may have to swap Baratheon with Martell. I also recommend not trying to play bw multiball. This is also with factory settings, you may have to adjust depending on the setup.

That said:

  • Pick House Baratheon.
  • Soft plunge and get your LOL lit.
  • Qualify Greyjoy.
  • With LOL still lit, use Greyjoy to get your WIC down to 1 shot. Start WIC on Baratheon drops and collect.
    (NOTE: This will probably be one of the hardest things to do with this strategy which is why you’ll need LOL lit. If you use LOL or do not have it lit, then you may want to figure out another way to get 4 WIC’s > i.e. probably through Martel.)
  • Qualify House Stark
  • Use Greyjoy to get WIC down to 1 shot. Start and Collect WIC via Stark ramp.
  • If you have mystery lit, then now is a good time to start Stark + Greyjoy. You’ll want to complete Stark and make your final Greyjoy shot be the dragon to hold cap the ball.
    (If you are going to play BW multiball before doing this strategy or have no choice but to play BW mb, then play Stark + Baratheon. The reason I don’t pick Lannister is I want to finish these 2 modes to have 2 swords and chance for 5x multiplier. If I have a bad bw multiball, I don’t want to be stuck in Lannister or Tyrell even and end up not completing and collecting any swords.)
  • So ultimately you have a choice, play Stark + Greyjoy in single ball mode or bring Stark/Baratheon into bw multiball. Depends how you’re doing at this point, whether LOL is still lit, and what you feel more comfortable with. Also, you don’t have to collect 2 swords, 1 is fine for a 4x multiplier and can be done with ease playing Stark - it just won’t net as many points as having a 5x multiplier.
  • So with 2 WIC’s complete and 0-2 swords qualified. Time to Start and collect Greyjoy WIC.
  • Qualify wall multiball if need be.
    (VERY IMPORTANT: be sure youre keeping an eye on your wall multiball progress during this whole process. By now, you should have it qualified and/or be 1 wheel away. If you qualified it early, then you won’t want to play Greyjoy for a sword as mentioned earlier.)
  • With Wall multiball qualified and 3 WIC’s collected; start Lannister WIC, before collecting Lannister WIC, start WALL multiball - then hit Lannister shot to start WHC multiball.
    (NOTE: If you still have LOL lit, you’ll probably want to start your 2x multiplier before staring the WIC/Wall/WHC stack.)
  • now comes the fun part; play with one hand. Obviously you can play with 2 but you need to trust the blood magic of Baratheon which is as long as you’re hitting jackpots and there’s a ball in the ball trough, you’re ball saver timer will be frozen.
  • When the wall jackpots are on the 2 center ramps or super is lit, play with right flipper only. Be sure to hammer away at your ram to get 2x, 3x started too. Eventually you’ll get up to 5x if you have collected enough swords.
  • when wall jackpots are on the loops, play with your left hand; only making back hand shots to the left loop and letting balls drain from the right side.
    (Remember, as long as you’re making jackpots and draining at the same time, Baratheons blood magic will keep the ball saver timer frozen)

Reference note: In my test games that I mentioned earlier in this post, I had 1 ball locked for BW mb in game 2 and had 2 balls locked for BW multiball in game 3. I had an extremely LONG ball saver in game 3’s wall multiball, I don’t know if that had to do with 2 balls being locked, or if it was just that I was making jackpot shots like crazy.

On paper, this sounds like a lot, but I wanted to be descriptive. Here’s the TLDR version of the strategy:


  • Play as House Baratheon
  • Light LOL
  • Qualify Greyjoy
  • Use Greyjoy to get WIC down to 1, then start and collect WIC on Baratheon
  • Qualify Stark
  • Use Greyjoy to get WIC down to 1, then start and collect WIC on Stark
  • Play house stark + Greyjoy if single ball. Play Stark + Baratheon if starting bw mb.
  • Start and Collect WIC on Greyjoy
  • Be sure wall mb is ready
  • Start WIC on Lannister - Start Wall mb - Collect Lannister WIC to start WHC mb.
  • Play with one flipper and focus only on wall mb objectives. With 2 ramp jackpots lit, use right flipper only - be sure to hammer away at the ram at times to build multiplier.
  • with the 2 loop jackpot shots, use left flipper only to backhand left loop.
  • with super jackpot lit, use right flipper.

Let me know how you guys do, Good luck!

P.S -
Dwight, if you’re reading this and feel compelled to nerf the blood magic of Baratheon, then at least please boost Lannister, Stark, Baratheon in the process :smiley:



You play video mode twice in a row. Each time you play it, you’re at 40x. They are independent of each other.

Playing as Han Solo seems to be my most successful path. It’s almost constant multiballs.


Sounds like old code, i didnt think you could advance WIC in a mode.


You can’t. He just meant that you collect it ON that houses shot, not while in the mode.


now comes the fun part; play with one hand. Obviously you can play with 2 but you need to trust the blood magic of Baratheon which is as long as you’re hitting jackpots and there’s a ball in the ball trough, you’re ball saver timer will be frozen.

To clarify, you’re saying that specifically playing as Baratheon gives you this extra ability to freeze the ball saver as long as you make JPs/drain a ball? Or does this occur with other houses as well, and Baratheon is just for the boosted Wall value? Is this a bug/side effect of the display effects of Wall + WHC that prevent the ball saver from ticking?


“(You’re) a good man, and thorough.” This sounds fun. I will definitely try it. A couple questions:

Do you not gain the power of Blood Magic if you stack Winter Has Come with Black Water instead or even Hand of the King?

And other than ease of completion and setup you could do the Winter is Coming hurry UPS in any order?

And now that I think about it on pure all or nothing style stack WHC with Iron Throne?

And how is this the first time I’ve ever heard of this amazing Blood Magic?


About 6 mos. or longer ago I’ve tried it with other houses but only get the trigger playing as Baratheon, or Greyjoy with Baratheon power. But ill try again with other houses. It’s best to do it with Baratheon because they get a 2.5X or more scoring bonus on jackpots. Ideally, if you do it as Greyjoy and get Stark’s WIC bonus for the WHC shots, and Tyrells inlane combo multiplier, your score will be insane - but that’s much harder to do so I recommend Baratheon for consistency and ease.

Well some may call it a bug; but since the game has been deemed complete, I call it a feature of the Red Woman’s Blood Magic :wink: - theme integration :slight_smile:

No specific order in doing the WIC’s, but you definitely want to keep Lannister for last. And Greyjoy is good to use to bring down the WIC counts on the harder to complete WIC’s.

You can do WHC with Blackwater, but it won’t trigger this ball saver. And, you won’t be getting 250+ mil wall supers :slight_smile:

Im 99.9% certain you can’t get Iron Throne and WHC stacked.

The idea behind my post doing it as Baratheon is to get a quick 10 bil without completing many modes, doing blackwater mb, and no HOTK. If you pull it off, then you can go for all that other stuff :slight_smile:


It’s been 20h since @Eskaybee dropped this bomb on the world. Did no one try it last night?


Working on streaming it Sunday. I’ll be nuts with work until then.


Nice! shoot me a PM on pinside when you go live and ill try to hop on and help out.