Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


No. Multipliers never affect the values being summed up for your final shot value in Martell.

Multipliers only affect your collects, which are your third shot, and final shot only.


Okay, good to know that others have seen this too.

On Erik’s first attempt (video 2, 1:00:55), he takes a full 15 seconds to hit his first orbit, and in the process hits multiple gold standups, both slings, Tyrell targets, the drops (on at least three separate occasions), and drains out the left outlane with LOL lit. It’s all minor switches except for the left outlane. Yet, he still gets 19.25m.

On his second attempt, he gets 19.25m on three separate occasions…first when he nails the orbit immediately after the mode start, and the other two times as his orbit timer has expired and he has to start over.

I do think there is a way to get it to start counting down from 19.25m, but it seems uncommon and/or requires a major switch that keeps the ball in play (as his left outlane drain followed by short plunge didn’t start the countdown).

You could be right about this too…I’m not sure I tested that. In that case, each subsequent hurry up would start by adding ~10m to your current value, and begin counting down the whole value (rather than just the 10m).

I’ll try testing this tonight and update my post above with findings.


Multipliers never affect the values being summed up for your final shot value.

I know it’s a different mode, but HOTK would like a word with you. :wink:


Video mode: what’s the deal?

Sometimes you start it and it’s level one or two for peanuts and sometime you start video mode and it’s level fifty-something for almost 300 million before multipliers. I can’t figure out what, if anything, increases the level or if it’s purely random.


I’ve never seen that and I’ve played over 1000 games on mine. I’ve only seen level 1, 2 or 3 which are awarded when chosen with a lot of gold. I have had a 300M complete on video mode. It was a 3x selected from spend your gold, combined with a 5x playfiield. 20m x 3 x 5 = 300M!


Yes that’s the normal way I’ve ever scored big on video mode but lately the one I play on location will be up at level 50-56 and the other day I collected a 3X video mode at 750 mil. Sadly no play field multipliers.

The weird thing is the level is either at level 1-3 or up around level 50-56. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at level 5-45.

Is it an operator adjustable setting?


The only setting I’m aware of is difficulty. I’ve never seen this and have played that video mode thousands of times. Thing is there’s no levels, just 1,2,3x video mode. Not sure where your seeing the level show up. I’m confused as all get out about this. Haha


At the bottom of the screen in small font it will give a video mode level.

I’ll double check the code to make sure it’s up to date but I’m pretty sure it is.


Crazy. I’ll try and play some soon and see if I can’t figure it out.


That would be much appreciated. I don’t have access to a game I can pull the glass on. It’s driving me a little crazy. I’ve mostly ignored the video mode unless I had some play field multipliers going but lately it’s been paying out.


What did Mel get on it…?I want say 680 mil with no playfield multipliers.


That’s possible. But the behavior I’ve seen is level 50 is 250 million. When it gets up to level 55 or 56 it’s close to 300 million, so that score was either 2x video mode or 2x play field, but, yes, we’ve been seeing some absurd video mode scores.

At league night our opponent was as taken aback as we were by getting 380 million on video mode.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve played the Ship Ahoy GoT more than anyone and I’ve never seen video mode payout like this until recently.


So I played some video mode today. You can see in the lower right corner is the mode level. Level one starts at 20mil and as far as I can tell each level adds five million to the base score you get for winning the sword fight. What increases the level remains a mystery. It seems to be independent of gold or other game progress. And how it gets up to outlandish level 50+ values remains equally mysterious.


Is level 55 the highest we’ve seen?


A variable not resetting in between players (similar to how HOTK base values weren’t resetting unless you power cycled)?


I want to say I’ve seen level 59. Although playing today the highest I saw was level 5. The funny thing about when the level is jacked up is you get 20-40 million before multipliers for LOSING the mode!


This hadn’t occurred to me but it makes the most sense. If I start seeing big video mode levels again I’ll try a power cycle and see if resets back to level one.


That makes complete sense since I have never seen this at home and I always turn the game off as soon as I’m finished playing.


So I went gold-farming (sadly in Game of Thrones this can’t yet be outsourced to some kids in Asia–MMORPG style–you have to do it the hard way) to get as many video modes as possible. Or as I like to call it turning GP into XP. The video mode level does appear to be a value that increases one level each time you win video mode. As @Snailman suggested the new higher level holds between balls, players, and games. Over a bunch of games I was able to work the level up from level one with a 20mil base value up to level 15 with a 90mil base value. Occasionally the game would throw a level one video mode in the mix for yucks, but this did not appear to be a hard reset the next video mode would be back where ever the increased value left off.

This may just be a particular quirk of the machine I play a lot? I’ll have to go play some other machines and see. This could, however, have some fortuitous results for people who play late in unlimited open qualifying tournaments. I don’t know if there is a ceiling to how high the level will go if the game is played a lot without a power cycle, but I’ve seen the base value as high as 300mil!

(Playing GoT for gold was an interesting diversion. For the two people who might be interested my gold-farming strategy was this: play as House Greyjoy, complete House Lannister and House Martell as soon as possible, get multiballs as early and often as possible, use multiballs to pound gold targets and mystery-pops (one of the awards as House Lannister is 300 gold). Before you know it you’ll be sitting on a dragon’s hoard of GP.)


Definitely looks like a bug to me. Someone forgot to reset a counter, by the looks of things.

If played as a two-player game, can player 2 take advantage of the progress made by player 1, or is there a separate counter for each player?