Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


No. Multipliers never affect the values being summed up for your final shot value in Martell.

Multipliers only affect your collects, which are your third shot, and final shot only.


Okay, good to know that others have seen this too.

On Erik’s first attempt (video 2, 1:00:55), he takes a full 15 seconds to hit his first orbit, and in the process hits multiple gold standups, both slings, Tyrell targets, the drops (on at least three separate occasions), and drains out the left outlane with LOL lit. It’s all minor switches except for the left outlane. Yet, he still gets 19.25m.

On his second attempt, he gets 19.25m on three separate occasions…first when he nails the orbit immediately after the mode start, and the other two times as his orbit timer has expired and he has to start over.

I do think there is a way to get it to start counting down from 19.25m, but it seems uncommon and/or requires a major switch that keeps the ball in play (as his left outlane drain followed by short plunge didn’t start the countdown).

You could be right about this too…I’m not sure I tested that. In that case, each subsequent hurry up would start by adding ~10m to your current value, and begin counting down the whole value (rather than just the 10m).

I’ll try testing this tonight and update my post above with findings.


Multipliers never affect the values being summed up for your final shot value.

I know it’s a different mode, but HOTK would like a word with you. :wink: