Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


I don’t have a game I can pull the glass on so I’ve been doing this the hard way, but as far as I can tell the level is the same for all players whether a player has done anything to advance the level or not. So if I play video mode at level one as player one and player two gets video mode it will be at level two. It’s only a difference of five million in base value though. So over the course of a single game it won’t have a big effect but over the course of a long day of play it could if the level doesn’t reset between games.


@COW Are you sure you’re playing the latest code. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I have one on location. It gets shut off every night, but it’s on for 12+ hours at a time.

Does the GOT you’re playing ever get shut off? What you’re describing sounds like it is not resetting between players or games…and maybe if that machine never gets turned off then it has increased levels up past the point of confusion. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I almost never play video mode, and I rarely see others playing it. I’ve never changed anything about video mode in the settings, so mine are whatever is the default. But I’m certain I’ve never seen anything as crazy as you’re seeing.


I will double check that it is on 1.34 code tomorrow. And, no, I don’t think the game I play gets turned off very often so the video mode level eventually got out of control. Although I played one today at another location and aside from being very stingy about offering video mode as a mystery option it behaved the same way–video mode level went up after a win and the increased level held over between games.

This is already a lot of column inches for a video mode that no one seems to play, but I think it may have gone unnoticed because:

1: People turn their games off so the level never gets out of control.

2: It may not behave this way in tournament settings (I have no idea).

3: Even if you’re on a long session of GoT the level has maybe only gone up 4 levels so why it’s sometimes 20mil and sometimes 40mil of base value wasn’t a big enough issue to wonder about.

4: No one plays for video mode because that is crazy.

It’s not absurd to think that 30 people could get video mode during an entire day of qualifying. It is absurd to think someone trying to qualify late in the day walks up to a GoT that 30 people have already played video mode on, comes out of mutiball with 3X playfield, gets 3X video mode as an option and gets 1.3 billion for mashing buttons whereas the first person to play video mode that day under similar circumstances would have only received 180mil.