Four new pinball software mods (DM, STTNG, HS2, JY)


Are there lists somewhere of all the alternative ROMs that have been coded? A search didn’t reveal anything, just posts like this on Tilt, Pinside & retailers.


Nope, and there are a couple other places as well, like RGP and pinhacks (now closed to new members) - and there are literally hundreds of variations of just homebrew type mods for tournament, or rules changes/tweaks, bugfixes. I used to submit them to IPDB but they aren’t keen on hacked versions (although they have several for lots of games.)

The issue I think is too many hacks with too little documentation - you get someone putting it in a game and it’s marked just u2/u6 - you’ve no idea where that came from, was it official, was it beta test, etc. (especially for older games).

Maybe I’ll start a list of just ones I know about/wrote. Will stick it on a website somewhere if/when it gets done. I guess I’d have to post checksums of the roms so people can compare and see if they have that version as well… I don’t actually have most of the roms though so I’ll have to hunt them down too.

pinmame actually lists a lot of variants as they’ve been ‘bronzed’ into there, although I question where they got some of the info, clearly some of it was truly a beta test version.


Anything no matter how quick and dirty would be greatly appreciated.

Given what you are saying maybe PAPA could add a list of ROMs they approve in their directors’ guide?


List is a work in progress as new variants are discovered/found/written.

Includes other rom mods as well, like free play, no battery required, etc.

I will iterate here as well as on that page that I DO NOT have most of the roms. It is merely a listing I have found/perused on the web (a lot of the current listings with the checksums were posted here, on tilt forums.)


Absolutely brilliant, greatly appreciated! Thank you. I will be downloading some of these.


I notice this in the list: Bally (classic -17 and -35 boardsets)
Details: No “tilt through” players. (Classic stern style)

I don’t know how many games fall under this category, but I would hope as many as possible. Is this an easy mod?


I forget who was beta testing them… basically any game from 1976-1985, until they went to the 6803 boardset. Those could probably be done as well at some point.

I know you can ‘fool’ the classic stern tilt-through if you have a fast spinner or something registering, it will process that before the tilt. That’s probably why IFPA just does the definitely working skip players 2 and 4 (which also neatly excises the problem on an eight ball deluxe with players 2 and 4 getting extra bonus without a bugfixed rom in there…)


Strictly speaking of non-factory mods. There are also the 7-digit and the (combined with) free play Bally ones. Maybe it is wise to keep those on a seperate list to avoid confusion.

There are also the semi official Williams ones, that are long standard. Cirqus Voltaire, Twilight Zone, …? And the not so definitive White Water one.


I kind of like the one stop shopping list - I think I’ll add a ‘type’ field (i.e., tournament, bugfix, 7 digit, etc)

I’ll have to do some research on the official/semi official williams ones.

You’d think I’d remember the 7 digit ones since I helped beta test some of them (and wrote a few…)


I am actually thinking about Pinburgh which will use 4 player games. How hard is this to install? @PAPA_Doug


It’s just a rom swap, and in most cases, just the OS rom.


This is great. Also serves as a pretty decent quick list of known issues that might affect tournament games. Huge thumbs up. Hope you can maintain this :slight_smile:

Maybe some more details on the actual bugs would help? Like for example on Dr Who it just mentions there is a tilt bug, but not how the bug affects play?