Four new pinball software mods (DM, STTNG, HS2, JY)

The patch has been removed.


Yes! I’ve been wishing the DM claw did this exact thing for years… (or rather, I wish you couldn’t re-select any award, but who would bother with the others anyway?)

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Any chance to fix the unlimited add a ball on Cactus Canyon?


It is remarkable, how incorrect it feels when a pinball machine “does nothing”. The ideal solution to Demolition Man would be some “Quick freeze awards X points” when chosen when already lit. Accompanied by DMD and audio responses. With streamlined pattern for the other four awards. Added to this, the apparent “do nothing” solution regarding Quick freeze will have the game conclude the Claw/switches broken and enter the Claw disabled state. Back to square one.

Showdown? Always felt a lit on that one would treat it good. Limit to add-a-ball, ball savers or both.

Yes. Limit 2 AAB then ball save after that I reckon. Haven’t played it in awhile so don’t remember if there is anything else.

Yeah the current logic is simply:

  • < 4 balls in play? add a ball
  • otherwise, ball saver on

The game’s biggest problem, though, is aside from Motherlode, there is absolutely no interesting scoring in it at all.


Bonus and motherlode are great but yeah rest seems not worthwhile.

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Making the Claw Great Again! Well done!

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Where are you getting the original STTNG rom from? I tried all the LX7 roms at IPDB and none of them match your SHA1 checksum.


Agreed though I’d like to see some score balance in DM. Super Jacks and Bonus make the mode points, skill shot, capt ball, car crash completely worthless IMO


Yeah! I’d prefer if I picked with the DMD, and as they’re taken they disappear from further selections. The claw could then drop it to the corresponding hole so that would still be neat.

How about making the TZ odd change a fixed value? It probably hasn’t decided too many matches, but I know I feel ripped off when I get 10 points and another player gets 5.2 million.

Powerball Mania Jackpot Value = Powerball Payoff value when you reload the Gumball :slight_smile:


So you can be free to rage tilt on drain without losing your PB main value??

Not sure I understand that . . . if you tilt on a drain, you never loaded the gumball to start Powerball Mania anyway, so there’s no way of getting a Powerball Mania Jackpot.

My comment was in reference to the 50mil PB Mania Jackpot value being out of balance with the rest of the game. The only thing to do with the Powerball when it comes on the playfield is to NOT PLAY WITH IT, reload it as quickly as you can, for the best chance at big points.

Reloading right away would give you a 10mil PB Mania Jackpot. Want to build that up before starting PB Mania . . . enjoy the risk/reward that doesn’t exist currently. Build it up to 200mil if you want before collecting it.


That’s a fun math question: What’s the average Odd Change score? It was honestly higher than I thought gut reaction, but I bet it’s lower than most people think.


EDIT to add: I’d highly consider making the power payoff start 5M higher each time (maybe up to 25M).

Now I follow what you meant. I never play with the powerball either, it comes out of the slot machine I bounce it to the left flipper and reload it.

How about if you are FORCED to play with it for a while before you can reload it??

How about if you swap the # of balls and have 5 powerballs and 1 metal in the machine?

Seconded! I say we bring this to the floor for a vote :slight_smile:

To further clarify, I meant after a successful multiball start, not just each time you get the gumball. I figure most people figured that, but might as well say it.

Next we can discuss swapping Castle and Coffin Jackpot values. :wink:

The patches for STTNG and HS2 was incorrect in the initial post. They are now updated. Sorry for that.

Thanks for bringing it up, Ron.