Four new pinball software mods (DM, STTNG, HS2, JY)


I thought it was just a random number between 0,000,010 and 9,999,990. Is it not? Maybe it is skewed downward based on your comment. I never really paid it much attention (unless as stated earlier I was on the bad end of the RNG). I am sure I have been on the good end just as often.



Pro-tip to answer question: Ever see any 0s? (other than 1s obviously)


I would have assumed that the zeros are ignored, but I wrote it that way to illustrate my original belief that 5,000,000 would be the average. I really want to see the formula :smiley:

Wait a minute- are you saying that there are never 0s in between integers in the awards?

So does any 0 cause the award to truncate below it?


With regards to TZ… In a competitive game, I think I would still put the Powerball back right away. I’m not sure I want to trade the potential of higher mania values for the greater risk of leaving the Powerball in the trough for the next player(s).


Let’s do some more math!

I would say a “typical” result of PBM would be 0, 1, or 2 jackpots, and probably about even distribution as well. You’ll likely have more unsuccessful visits the fewer jackpots you get, I would GUESS a typical number of visits for each of those scenarios is 3, 2, 3.

I think you get 5M to start? Frenzy points are probably in the neighborhood of 15M (that’d be 60 switches). So each PBM we’re looking at base 20M.

The first visit to the powerfield lasts way longer than the rest, I’d say you could average about 10M the first visit, then 7.5M for the rest.

Now the jackpots: We know now they’re 50M, but what if they were 10?

It each of the 3 scenarios, for 50M jacks you’re looking at 0: 45M, 1: 87.5M, 2: 145M. For 10M jacks you’re looking at 45M, 47.5M, 65M.

Averages for those are 50M jacks, 92.5M, 10M jacks, 52.5M.

You can fiddle with the numbers to model it better. The upside is way higher with 50M jacks obviously, but you might have a point leaving a potential 52M on the table.


The correct checksums for STTNG as the readme hasn’t been updated yet:

Source file:

Star Trek The Next Generation U6 game ROM rev L-7X
Distributed filename: TREK_LX7.ROM
SHA1: 12D1C72CD6CC18DB53E51EBB4C1E55CA9BCF9908

Patch file:

Star Trek The Next Generation U6 game ROM rev L-7X patch b804.xd3
SHA1: 27D5DCE1D8FC950C186B0C0C4A4032C2B76201D7

Patched ROM file:

Star Trek The Next Generation U6 game ROM rev L-7X patch b804.rom
SHA1: 7F87D89E04F284E6050B7A3FBBF48E1DB40CB804

Thanks again Soren!!


Not sure it could be accurate enough. The game only knows positions of the claw at the far left and right (elevator), so it’d have to guess off timing on the rest.


Might not matter - he could make the switches be ignored if it doesn’t move the claw itself correctly.


The awards besides lock freeze are so useless I just use the claw to set up shots, so it going in the wrong place would be bad.


I think it may be a random choice from a set of values, or a pre-seeded random number generator that pulls a random number based on something. Switch hits? Shots? I dunno. I’ve hit back to back 5.7M before.


You think it isn’t random? Is there somewhere we can find out? Not that it matters, but I get curious.


It picks the number of digits first. That’s how you can get 40 from it.


Give me a ball and a machine without the glass and ill have an answer. :slight_smile:


You can fiddle with the TZ at Superelectric after the tournament tomorrow if you think you can figure it out!


I suppose there could be a calibration of sorts to find each switch… You’re right, though, the current hardware doesn’t make that feasable.


That’s is right. I did not think of that. More reason to celebrate having the Claw back in.


It is a pseudo-random algorithm. Used for general purposes.

First digits 2-7. Then each digit 1-9. Back to back 5.7M is 1/486 chance (with true random).

Maybe Odd change, being random, should have been sub 1M with the perspective of TZ scoring. But, nevermind. I really like Odd change. Fabulous idea and execution.


Huh, neat! I want to figure out what triggers what.

Oh crap, I might take you up on that if my crew decides to stay for a bit. :smile:


I was met with some confusion over the video mode rules, factory and mod, in Junk Yard. And it is. Confusing. Multiple routes to the heavily over exposured video mode(s), which inspired the mod in the first place. This is the compromise at which it has been toned down.

A factory (v1.2) Junk Yard, this is how the Dog video modes can be started.

  1. Magic bus award.

  2. Spell DOG -> Make the shot again.
    2b) Same as 2) but via the sneak-in on soft left ramp balls.

  3. Assemble the Toaster gun -> Make the DOG shot.

  4. Spot DOG plunge award. Short cut to 2).

  5. will also switch the Dog video mode from Run from Spike to Save the girl for rest of game.

Software mod.

  1. Removed.
  2. Will switch to bonus-x +1 only (and permanent ball return to the right flipper), if a Dog video mode already played on current ball.
    2b) As 2).
  3. Same as factory. And once done, it will apply the same diverter rule as 2).
  4. Same as factory. Will always lower the diverter and enable video mode.

Playing Outer space wizard mode will reset 2) and allow for a video mode to be started.

So, generally one Dog video mode per ball-in-play. Options for additional ones…

  1. / 2b), after the wizard mode. A fair reach. Not every game though.
  2. Common. But only once per game.
  3. Rare to get and to acquire. Let alone after a Ball recycled.

Note, the additional Time machine/Saucer attack video mode is not mixed into all this.


I’m looking to add Taxi and Getaway competition Roms to my games. I have no way to burn these, is there anyone out there who does or know who is able to burn these. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Dan