New Demolition Man software mod - version 2

The patch has been removed.


I’m interested to understand why the claw would be disabled in tournaments? I have seen this in the wild but thought more of it being a mechanical issue more than a rule issue? Is it being exploited to build progress/start mulitballs over and over again?

How does the new DMD sequence work with ColorDMD? I really want to get this ROM into my DM.

Yeah you can just lock freeze all day and play multiball repeatedly with very little effort.

I still think Lock freeze would be a perfectly balanced award if it simply gave you ONE lock…

Pretty sure it does only give you one.


I think it’s completes it + 1 more ball.

If multiball is not lit, then it will award all the ‘freezes’ necessary to light multiball. If multiball is already lit, then it will start multiball with one additional ‘freeze’. This makes it worth anywhere from one to four ‘freezes’ depending on which multiball you are on and how many ‘freezes’ you have already collected.


Thanks for the interest.

I cannot speak for this. But I can promise that you will not see a blank screen. ColorDMD will default to a monochrome (like orange) for pages the algorthm will not recognise.

However, as this extra DMD animation is a copy of the skill shot one, with new text, it might work out of the box. ColorDMD is smart enough to recognise arbitrary text and colourise it seperate from background graphics. Otherwise it would not work with scores and stuff like x loops made, y pops remaining.

Thanks for the clarification.

Personally i like that disabled claw gives a much faster game, speed wise :slight_smile:


It may speed the game up by 8 seconds, but then you are taking away an element of strategy. I’ve applied it both ways at tournaments and it’s much better to use Soren’s ROM and leave the claw enabled. This year I held 3 tournaments using 4-player Match Play and the game averages 21 minutes. Hard to get much faster than that in the grand scheme of things.


I feel like there is just as much strategy (or more) with the claw disabled. Do you use the claw to start your first multiball or save it for the second (or possibly third)? If you save the claw, then you’re able to use it to light more valuable multiballs but also sacrifice progress towards Demolition Time. You also have the risk of screwing yourself over by using up the claw before you even collect your first lock.


hooooooooo boy


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Great! I’m new to “soren” ROMs. Do you have a “getting started” guide or similar? I’m in the midst of getting a ROM burner for another project and it would be great if I can combine these efforts.

I think Morten is mening faster as in better flow not stop and go and not faster as in shorter game time.
I realy like the flow that the disabled crane adds to the game but for competion i think Sorens rom is a big improvment.

Nice work as Always :+1: