New Demolition Man software mod - version 2

Better implementation of the no re-pick rule of the previous patch released.
With fixed Computer award sequence added.
Special thanks to Ron Hallett.

Demolition Man
Rev. LX-4 patch c83f
Download link:
Please read the Readme and follow the patch guide carefully.

Demolition Man
Rev. LH-6 patch 9a16
Download link:
Enables coin play. Otherwise identical to the LX-4 patch.

Release note


New feature adjustment A.2 26 “Claw re-picks”. Options: “Points” and “Award”.
“Points”: Selecting a Claw exit which is already lit will award 10M points only.
“Award”: As rev. LX-4. Claw exits are always awarding its mode/progress.

Default: “Points”.

New feature adjustment A.2 27 “T-play Computer awards”. Options: “Fixed” and “Random”.
“Fixed”: When Tournament play selected, the Computer will do awards in the following sequence (player individual).
Light explode.
Collect standups.
Collect bonus.
Maximize freezes.
3x car crash.
Light arrows.
2x retina scan.
“Random”: As rev. LX-4. When Tournament play selected, the Computer will do awards in a random sequence. But same for all players.

Default: “Fixed”.

New DMD sequence for when Claw re-pick awards points only. Based on the skill shot one.

Adjustment A.1 21 “Language” is limited to “English”.

Adjustment A.1 28 “Min. vol override” defaults to “Yes”.

Why it rocks

Great shame to see the Claw, as the major mechanical feature of the game, disabled in competition setup.
Better strategic control over when to spend the light multiball/start multiball trumph.
Modes selection according to player preference.

Less randomisation game to game.
Fixed Computer award sequence allowing for strategic play.


Claw awards un-light when the fifth one has been selected.
No requirement to play Demolition time first.

The Computer award sequence is carefully chosen: points, multiball progress, more points, better multiball progress, …