Deadpool Rulesheet


How’d you guess? Must be why I love Dr Who so much too.


I’m terrible at that. But I’m solid a tron and funhouse. Go figure.


Ninjapocalypse boys. Such a good combo but it basically does nothing.


Ninjapocalypse combo is the R orbit to R ramp combo, correct?


Yes, that is correct.


Just noticed with 0.99 and I’m pretty sure this was not the case with earlier revisions. I noticed tilting during a battle caused you to reset ALL progress.

If it helps, this was during a tourney, so I dunno if that’s a setting that came as a part of competition mode, but I’m also fairly sure tilting on earlier revisions would still save your battle progress (but at least you’d miss out on “final shot” completion credit).

Dunno if this is just a bug, or implicitly intended.


Apologies if this was already mentioned somewhere. Verified on two different pros with the latest code.

With both a quest and mechsuit lit, a scoop shot will ask you choose a quest, but T-rex is grayed out. Choose megalodon, but quest doesn’t actually start. Go back into scoop for mechsuit as normal. Quest is never started and remains unlit, chimichanga progress back to zero.


I’m willing to say this at the very least could be a tourney settings thing. Tilted a battle on 0.99 on non-tourney settings and was able to resume it as normal.


I had a ball get hung up at the mouth of the Lil Deadpool area with the drops down. It went through several ball searches without triggering a drops reset, then flashed something like “Operator Alert. Lil Deadpool malfunction”. This took over the whole screen in menu font/coloring.

Then the drops reset, and kicked the ball out, and the game went on as if nothing ever happened (though I don’t remember if I played another game to see if there was any lasting impact).

It wasn’t a big deal I guess, it just communicated to me as if the game had broken, and it didn’t look like I would be able to continue.


Noob question: where the hell is the Colossus u-turn shot?


Hi @nudgey,

The Colossus shot is a tight loop located just to the left of the Hell House scoop. It can be a bit of a “clunky” shot on most DPs.


Cleaned up some rough ends and added the 1.00 wizard modes (mostly copy-pasted from the release notes).


Love the new code…

Something that really frustrates me though… When you get a ball ‘stuck’ in mini-deadpool, behind a target (happens too often)… The game will eventually reset the 3 targets and then drop the 3 targets as part of a ball search. The problem is that the reject from that is very often STDM and with a moderate tilt you often end up tilting saving it.

So not only the ball got stuck, I had to wait for ball search, I’m now also almost certain that it’s byebyes. What about putting a small ball save after that eject? I know it’s unconventional to have a ball save after a ball search… I can’t think of a better way to handle this issue.


The game can’t detect the ball is stuck there and not anywhere else - It would end up being a ball save on every ball search which seems way over board.

Better solution is that on ball search the game applies +50 volts to the CPU fixing the problem permanently.


They could code ball search to trigger only one solenoid at a time with 30 second delay between each.

But really there should just be a mini roomba that grabs the ball and brings it to the appropriate flipper. Put a microchip in the ball and it wouldn’t even have to “search.”

Obviously, the roomba also does novus and wax while you’re at work/sleeping.


The pro near me does the same thing. Not just for a ball search, but also at the start of little DP phase 2 (the frenzy mode). When the drops drop, it kicks the ball slightly up the playfield before gravity kicks in. I find that if I nudge just as the ball grazes the right side of lil DP on the way back down, it sends the ball to the left rather that SDTM. I do that every time now and it usually works.


Newbie question, is the SNIKT > Katana ramp temporary Playfield X shot supposed to be doable from the left flipper?


For sure.


Think that is the preferred flipper for it. Not sure a right flipper shot has the angel needed to make it.

They could separate those actions in the ball search. I see it in a lot of games where the ball search doesn’t fire specific coils on the first attempt and then adds them in the next attempt. Maybe first attempt is just the little DP drops with a 3 second ball save and the second attempt is all coils that normally go off.


Could a quick down/up of the drops kick the ball upwards and into the path of the opto so the game could then figure out the ball is there?

My ball search also goes STDM. I’m wise enough to blame myself, but casuals aren’t.

Well, they blame me also.