Deadpool Rulesheet


How’d you guess? Must be why I love Dr Who so much too.


I’m terrible at that. But I’m solid a tron and funhouse. Go figure.


Ninjapocalypse boys. Such a good combo but it basically does nothing.


Ninjapocalypse combo is the R orbit to R ramp combo, correct?


Yes, that is correct.


Just noticed with 0.99 and I’m pretty sure this was not the case with earlier revisions. I noticed tilting during a battle caused you to reset ALL progress.

If it helps, this was during a tourney, so I dunno if that’s a setting that came as a part of competition mode, but I’m also fairly sure tilting on earlier revisions would still save your battle progress (but at least you’d miss out on “final shot” completion credit).

Dunno if this is just a bug, or implicitly intended.


Apologies if this was already mentioned somewhere. Verified on two different pros with the latest code.

With both a quest and mechsuit lit, a scoop shot will ask you choose a quest, but T-rex is grayed out. Choose megalodon, but quest doesn’t actually start. Go back into scoop for mechsuit as normal. Quest is never started and remains unlit, chimichanga progress back to zero.