Deadpool Rulesheet


“Now say ‘stacking,’ announcer guy.”
Mode Stacking:

  • Battles and Multiballs can start when Katanarama Time, Berserker Rage, or Lil’ Deadpool single ball modes are running.
  • Quests can start when Katanarama Time or Berserker Rage are running.
  • Lil’ Deadpool modes can start when Battles, Katanarama Time, or Berserker Rage are running.
  • Katanarama Time can start when Battles, Quests, Lil’ Deadpool modes, or Ninja Multiball are running.
  • Berserker Rage can start when Battles, Quests, or Lil’ Deadpool modes are running.

Rev 0.99 dropped.


Love the changes. It seems that the first Mr. Sinister battle is “closer to the start button” now that you do not have to complete the Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabertooth battle a second time through to start the first battle. I think that’s awesome.

All 3 Multiball locks being lit from the start (Default: Easy) is an interesting change too.


Agreed. I would have preferred that Easy means all 3 locks are qualified upon first POOL (not lit at game start), Medium = 2 locks lit on first POOL, Hard = 1 lock lit per POOL.

  • Lil’ Deadpool Bounce
    • Hit moving targets:
      O-O-F 5M
      D P 7.5M
      E O 7.5M
      A O 7.5M
      D L 10M
    • Hitting 3 moving targets lights the Lil’ Deadpool Bounce Jackpot.
    • Lil’ Deadpool Bounce Jackpot awards the value of the 3 targets hit
      and boosts playfield multiplier for rest of ball.

This sounds pretty crazy, especially with the default EASY setting of having Lil DP reset at ball start. Playfield X for the rest of the ball!

  1. Start lil’ Deadpool bounce.
  2. Stack a multiball.
  3. Collect a few bounce jackpots for PF multipliers.
  4. Count the money.


I assume it’s just collect one “Lil’DP Bounce Super” and the mode ends as usual. The only change I noticed is now each target has a certain point value assigned to it, instead of 2.5m -> 5m -> 7.5m for any target. And the “jackpot” itself is new.


Back to the drawing board.


What do completing the top BAM! lanes do? Do those rollovers have any function outside of the skill shot?




Don’t sleep on bonus X if you are playing a Pro. AFAIK the left orbit will always stop at the top lanes, and you can get some large bonuses by pumping the bonus X once you have a decent number of ninjas and weapons to get a nice base. This is where going after Disco multiball can be a good idea, since you want to be shooting the orbit anyway (I think) so it’s a natural way to also build up bonus X.

On ours at league, I’ve personally had an end of ball bonus as high as ~200M.


218 Million Bonus with 8x.


Get a video next time. That would put any of those epic 80s bonus meltdowns to shame.


Unfortunately it stops after a certain amount of time, regardless of the final total.

I wonder who got that 200m+ bonus.


Certainly wasnt you.


That’s a lot of Weapons


The animations for when he’s covered in all those weapons is hilarious.


I thought 200Million plus bonus was wild. Player in Lansing took a video of his bonus bonanza. WOW!!! Facebook only link from a public group. Enjoy.


Yoshihiro Fujisawa put up a 600M bonus (10x BonusX) on the way to a 4.8BIL score on the DP in Osaka, Japan.


When is the right orbit going to get some love? We already have plenty of left orbit all day games.


What are you left handed or something? Haha