Deadpool Rulesheet


I guess I agree in principle, but the Team-ups are a snooze fest as is, and they don’t look like they are really going anywhere.

I guess my tldr is I feel like some of the stern games, (not all), for some reason are scared of massively, or even remotely rewarding the player for skill.


Sounds like the Snikt X shot should work like Dr Who and only bump the multiplier by .5 instead of 1 per shot.


The fact that you can select a battle/quest when you are not on the selection screen drives me insane. Can this be fixed?


Whoa. What?? How does this happen/work? So we all know how to avoid it until it gets fixed.


Say you are collecting weapons for Mechsuit MB, you shoot the scoop to collected them but also have a Battle/Quest ready… Your intention is to cancel out so you can get you Mechsuit started with another scoop shot… It you happen to hit the flippers during the weapon collect sequence on the screen you will lock in your Battle/Quest without even seeing the selection screen. Its not a huge deal if you know about how it works… but every once in a while especially under pressure I will treat that weapons collect screen like a bonus collect screen and hit both flippers to get past it and I accidentally start a quest, locking me out of my Mechsuit MB. Its just a thing that should not be possible… You should only be able to start a Battle/Quest from the selection screen…


I have had the same thing happen with the mystery award. Double flip to try to speed it up, end up in a battle.


Yeah just make it so battles have to be chosen with lockbar button.


This is quite frustrating - the double flip is a speed up on almost every modern game, to have it different on this particular game sucks. I’ve been locked into a mode without even seeing it so many times on this game, because it happens on the lead up to the selection screen too.





But yeah, in full agreement on this annoyance. I usually skip through everything possible.


To play Devil’s Advocate: the lockbar button on one of our local machines had been broken for quite a while, so knowing that I could select by double-flipping was actually a godsend. Although this was also before the code revision that made cancelling possible (not to mention Mechsuit).


Just wait for the selection screen to timeout. It will select whatever battle you currently have highlighted.


I have also done this. And it defaults to Mystique, so it’s usually the hardest battle you accidentally end up starting!


If you choose to pass on a Battle mode, do you have to re-spell DEAD in order to have Battle lit at scoop again? Or does the scoop stay lit for Battle after a pass?


I wasn’t aware you could pass on a battle start. I thought once you landed in the scoop lit for battle, you had to start one.


From rev 0.95…

  • Mode Select Cancel - hold BOOM Button for 2.5 seconds during Mode Select
    to cancel the starting a Battle or Quest.


That’s great to know, thanks! I’m admittedly bad at reading through patch notes and picking out the important bits on games I don’t play often.


Yes. Need to spell DEAD


According to Lil’ Deadpool Bounce: “DAED”.


battles you need to requalify. Quest stays lit.