Deadpool Rulesheet


I blame you as well. Irregardless that your not the operator of the Deadpools I play.


I wish they’d do the same for Aerosmith - 99% of ball traps are on top of the ToyBox (following a lock shot when there are already enough balls held in the toybox). First ball search should be just open and close the lid.


Cleaned up text and structure.


One thing I’ve noticed with the on location Deadpool I play is that if the regular skill shot is put on the 2nd from the right, a full plunge hits this about half the time. I don’t know if this is just how this machine is setup/configured or if others have had the same experience. If someone has one at home and is bored enough, I’d be interested on the results of 100 full plunges. If so, it seems like a better risk/reward than the super skill shot.


I will confirm this happens on my local Deadpool as well! More than half the time in my case.


The one near me is about 75% far right lane on a full plunge.


I stick with super skill, loop pass, immediately attacking the left spinner for disco progress.

Has anyone noticed a sticky flipper issue on this title? I’ve experienced it on 3 different route games where the flippers are slow to drop and post passes require a long release. It makes loop passes tough and drop catching out of the scoop inconsistent. Feels similar to Congo and some of the other mid 90’s WPC games. I thought it was just a fluke on the first one but I’ve been noticing a pattern lately.


Coil stops will blow out (the stop nub breaks loose from the bracket) and sticky flippers is a symptom of this failure mode. At the location I maintain, it’s a part I end up replacing often but my Deadpool had to have both stops replaced before the game was even a month old, so I expect there may have been a bad batch of parts that went out with some of the early DP builds.


Same for me. Coil Stops seem to be the thing that degrades quickest on modern Sterns, but Deadpool was particularly bad.

I think read somewhere that it has to do with the spring washers cutting into the coil stops, but I’m certain it’s also poorly made coil stops. Modern Sterns have always used spring washers and it was never this bad in the past.


Is there a reason coil stops switched from bolt on to riveted? I assume speed and cost. But the thought of being about to just change the nub is appealing.


I would imagine that the stronger modern flipper would work the bolt on stop loose quite quickly compared to an EM which to the best of my knowledge, would have been the last time a screw together coil stop was used.


I’ve rebuilt hundreds of flippers on all manufacturers’ pins through the late 90s and all the 00s and never had a problem with stops falling apart. Even the old stops with completely hammered nubs came off in one piece. It’s not rivet vs screw, it’s junk vs quality. You’d think after a couple years of early breakage Stern would find another supplier… this isn’t exactly a new problem :confused:


They’re not all the same style of coil stops. With some SAM games, the stops had a circle of copper colored material at the base. Those would leave copper dust in the cab under the flippers and failed pretty quick. The new ones don’t have that. Same manufacturer or not, they’re trying different things.

I suspect it has more to do with stronger single wind flipper coils. The 90’s games didn’t have single wind coils (most of them anyway). With single wind coils, the coil gets high power pulsed the whole time the flipper button is pushed. With dual wind coils, the coil is switched to low power once the EOS switch is closed. Stern briefly tried dual wind flipper coils at the start of Spike (WWE, ?), but apparently needed the extra transistors for more important stuff.


Has the extra ball you got from completing two Quests been removed in the latest (1.00) code update? I didn’t see any notice regarding that in the readme-file.

My local Deadpool doesn’t award EB after two Quests anymore.

The EB was added in (PRO) V0.95.0:
- Extra Ball is awarded for completing the Megalodon and T-Rex Quests.


Hahahahaha. Nice. Please tell me you have video of this.


On second thought… good luck trying to pull all of that off while maintaining a 5x Snikt PFx. It still seems OP with the multiplicative factor, but that theoretical scoring recipe reads as pretty tough to pull off without draining and without running out of PFx time on a reasonably difficult setup DP.

And now I’m going to try to do it next time I play. :slight_smile: Probably won’t get it at 5x, but even with just 2x, TRex turns into a juicy Quest.


Thanks for clarifying @timballs. I thought I saw something extremely strange with the scoring and might have/definitely jumped to a conclusion. I should have waited to get glass-off testing before making any assumptions, but it did seem that something was off when I observed it.

I’ll delete everything now and apologize for being over the top with it. I have to realize that the rules brain sometimes needs to be reined in before making statements and hope to catch up with you at NYCPC.


The other alternative is just to play it after you have 400 weapons. :slight_smile:


was also curious about this. went after that for a week or so and when I finally finished both of them, no EB! this location is usually pretty up-to-date with code. wondering if setting or just removed?


I’m curious as to how the Colossal Jackpot scoring works. I’ve seen it get INSANELY BOOM-y (82M base) and was wondering how it works!