Deadpool is garbage because of Playfiled Multiplier rules. Change my Mind


Like Gollum Multiball?


The other thing with star wars is there’s actually a downside (less multiplier shots lit) to getting it high, so you need to manage its placement more.

Gollum MB is cool. It’s not just an obvious “well I’ll take the multiplier”. You have to then actually manage it timing wise.


I’ve generally hated this proliferation of multiplied shots/playfields since they started appearing on every single game.

If I make more shots, complete more modes, and generally play better than my opponent, I should win. I don’t enjoy doing this and finding myself a billion behind because someone played the action button better than I did or got more random bounces, then made a single shot that just eliminates everything I did in the game.

I also don’t enjoy feeling like I have to do that strategy as well, or risk having my well-played game just get deleted by a stupidly overcooked multiplier shot.


So you’ve been hating on early SS 10x lit spinners and multiplied Bonus for quite some time then? :wink:


For me, its more that the implementation is bottom-barrel. I’m not enthralled with multiplier rules where a walrus-flipping player can luck into huge multiplied shots just for keeping the ball in play.

I am much more excited by implementations such as WH20, I500, or BSD where you skillfully activate a limited scoring multiplier resource, and then are required to execute with it at a strategic time in order to cash it in for value.


ok now I need a GIF of that! :slight_smile:


For different reasons, yes. I don’t like games that devolve into literally one shot to rule them all.



Target splints. They work. Mandatory for Zues targets on Tron and Whiplash targets on Iron Man.

I worked on an Iron Man vault recently that appeared to have factory ‘splints’ installed. The metal mounting brackets for the standup targets locked into the back side of the bracket in a way where it wouldn’t allow the target to go sideways. I just assumed Stern was using them full time now. Apparently not. I’ll take a pic next time I work on it.


There is just something about the dynamics of the Star Wars multiplier that doesn’t work. It is frustrating and just not fun.

Maybe it should not rock to 1x on timeout. More of the Dr Who style.
Maybe it should increase faster after a reset on same ball.
Maybe it should be limited to some sane level other than freaking 40x.
Maybe it should reduce, not by time timeout, but by shots made. So slow paced, controlled and accurate play would pay off.
Maybe it should not stay inactive. I move the arrows, yes, and if I do not lock them in, do so after a few seconds.
Maybe the game should have better feedback to the player.

I am on par with the old school playfield multiplier rules works the best. A timed deal, where you have to pull the trigger to get payed. With the risk of prep’ing it for nothing.


That defeats much of the purpose of the rule-as-designed: timed things encourage people to play fast, (…screw up, and drain). Pinball rewards playing slowly enough (and I play super slowly…)


As @DHS says, this is the whole point. The multiplier is specifically designed to encourage fast play without trapping and to sometimes even purposely shoot the death targets to keep it going. If it timed down slowly instead of all at once (with a large grace period to reset it back to full value after a large ‘warning’ period before resetting which nearly guarantees you have an opportunity to keep it from resetting), you would never bother to take a shot at the 3-bank, you’d just wait to hit it by accident.

I feel like GoT before it with the combo multipliers was designed with the same intent. They want you shooting, not trapping and taking your time. But it doesn’t seem to quite work in GoT, I find most people I watch play don’t really care much about the combo multipliers even though they can be lucrative.


I’d love to see more of them like Full Throttle - pops build Playfield X value, press launch button at any point to activate and use it for ~20 seconds. The value doesn’t carry between balls.

You get the impact of a Playfield multiplier and full agency on when to use it - do I want to cash out early or risk the drain for more?

Another fun one is JJPOTC - the progressive lane awards can favor quality over quantity early (“I don’t have much for 2x, but I’m lighting it so I can get 3x later”) and there is still multiple elements of control over it (PIRATE lanes, Pirate target to activate).


Damn I like that full throttle rule a lot.


The game has a fun layout and rules; it’s a shame it’s hard to maintain on location and Heighway went under.

The pops aren’t something you particularly go for on purpose, unless you’re in Challenge Multiball and can jam the center spinner all day (even then, it takes a fair amount of hits). The Skill Shot awards an advancement.


There are a few cheap Full Throttles left here for anyone that wants one:

Full Throttle Closeout Pricing


Haha nice


I heard Hydro Thunder pinball is after Aliens!


That’s what a hydrofoil looks like? TIL that all this time I was imagining a hovercraft


Maybe hovercraft will be Heighway’s next business venture :slight_smile: