Deadpool is garbage because of Playfiled Multiplier rules. Change my Mind


I feel like Deadpool is perhaps the most blantant example so far of a game having multiplied scoring be the byproduct of random luck and flailfest-ing.

Honestly I think it torpedo’s the whole game.

Am I missing something? The only way to get playfield multipliers is a rando-luck bounce up the ramp?

Hey Walrus, this games for you :smiley:


Go watch the ZAC vs. KME match and you can see Keith skillfully shoot the playfield multiplier shot.

Not saying there aren’t lucky ways of getting it . . .but saying it’s the ONLY way to get it I can’t agree with after watching Keith put on a clinic with it.




Whole video is :

Not sure about timestamps for massive multiplier action.



You can watch Keith actively post pass to the left flipper to intentionally go for the multiplier. He misses the first attempt but then makes the second one.


Keith then takes it to 3X during that same challenge shortly after:


I’m more concerned about using playfield hardware in ways contrary to design. Targets were meant to be struck on their facing side, not on the edge. I fear that as the target slowly gets destroyed, the “rando-luck” element of this shot is going to go through the roof.


He also did the same thing in the initial release. Think he made it to 4x in that launch. I’ve been able to skillfully do it as well on a fresh game. Once that target starts leaning to the right I can’t make it anymore as the angle gets worse. They need to reinforce that target at a min to keep it straight.


Not Rando luck at all. I agree though that it will probably need reinforced as these get worn in.

Honestly I feel this multiplier is just as much rando luck as it is to get the last x target to light playfield multiplier lit on maiden.


Not convinced. I haven’t met one Deadpool on location where that shot can be made with reliability or any level of expectation of success.

This games full of “if-you-set-it-up-right” shots.

Maybe my experience is atypical.


At least with Maiden you can shatz that left inlane to get the last target :slight_smile:


I can make the playfield multiplier shot intentionally.

I think games with video modes are garbage. Different strokes for different folks.


This is definitely true. I feel the more you innovative you get with shot design, the more sensitive those shots are to the game’s setup.


Agreed. This is my experience, too. I’ve played three different copies of DP on location: two Pro’s and one LE/Prem.


whether or not it can be made purposefully, it seems that overall it’s going to happen by accident more often than intentionally, especially if the chances of making it intentionally are low. Which means people who miss a shot have a chance of randomly getting an overwhelming scoring advantage


This would lead me to believe that Zach had an even chance to have started the playfield multiplier more often than Keith through accidental makes.

Someone is welcome to watch the entire stream and do a tally, but I’d be willing to wager the 70,000 $1 bills that the IFPA has collected that Keith started the multiplier more times in those 90 minutes.

What good is a multiplier if you’re missing shots? 2X, 3X, 4X and even 5X multiplied by the posts you hit still equal 0 points :wink:


Future Iron Maiden code update: POWER POSTS


It’s definitely hard to hit but I looped it 3 times with direct shots the other day. I don’t recall ever seeing one get a luck bounce off the target and up the ramp. I do agree that it will end up being a problem at some point—once the target gets bent and mushy.


Played a few games on Deadpool last night at a friends.

A few things to note regarding the playfield multipliers.

We were both able to aim for and achieve the multiplier intentionally quite a few times.

In multiball, one ball hit the standup and ricocheted up the ramp, while at the same time another ball went up the right ‘lock’ ramp the ‘traditional way’. This awarded 2 playfield multiplier advances.

Not certain of the exact circumstances of how this happened:
Player 2 started playfield multiplier, then mini deadpool multiball (may be the other way round?), then drained out of multiball but the 2x playfield was active and running for the rest of his ball - it never timed out, nor did he hit anything to obviously extend it. He eventually got it up to 4x, at which point it started timing out.