Deadpool is garbage because of Playfiled Multiplier rules. Change my Mind


Certainly have the “hot air” aspect covered.


FWIW on the DP launch party at Expo this weekend with the 2-minute timer, we figured there was an approximate max score you could get which someone achieved. So our friend Ryan decided to go for 2x before cashing in his battle and it worked and he won the launch party. Was nice to see someone else try for that shot on purpose and hit it for a strategic victory


So coming back to this, I assisted a local op with his DP pro today. Turns out that Snikt target pictured above may not be as far out of alignment as it looks. I looked at that target from above on the local game and it’s pretty much in the same position. But looking from underneath, it’s straight up and down. Not centered in the hole, just like above. Game is maybe three months old. I don’t aim for that shot (ramp and all), but get it regularly enough that I know it’s doable.

Interestingly, the colossal jackpot skinny standup target had the non-leaning bracket I mentioned above. The IM vault I mentioned earlier only had them on the big whiplash standup targets, no Zues targets. Couldn’t get a good pic without completely disassembling. Snikt target today had the old ‘leanable’ bracket, but wasn’t leaning.

tl;dr Stern is using a new standup target bracket that prevents leaning and that Snikt target is supposed to look off kilter.


Apologies for the thread necro but here are my thoughts on the Deadpool playfield multiplier rules.

On most of the Deadpool machines I’ve played, the SNIKT combo is actually pretty reliable - in fact, sometimes, I make it on accident when I’m trying to make the center orbit. It reminds me a bit of the battering ram from Game of Thrones, where trying to reliably recover from the feed balances out how overpowered the multipliers can get. That being said, making sure the SNIKT target is aligned properly is important; the ones on my local machines allow you to make the shot properly but I could imagine that it would be very difficult if the machine wasn’t leveled properly.

I feel that the multiplier rules in Ghostbusters are far worse. Having to complete the PKE targets, then shooting the insanely dangerous 3-ball captive ball 6 times total to qualify 6x multipliers is just ridiculous, plus you have to keep shooting both the 2x and 3x targets over and over to make good use out of the multipliers. Doesn’t help that those targets are prone to either airballs or really quick drains. A lot of people seem to hate the multiplier rules on Star Wars but I just keep them all on Death Star / Endor / Hoth and I’ve been able to pull some amazing games together.