Custom trophy thread!


These were from Freeplay Florida 2018.


I made this trophy for our Charity Critical Hit today. First time trying my hand at 3d modeling/printing.


wow those look awesome!!!




Thanks. I need to make some tweaks to the model, but if anyone wants the file to print their own, I’m happy to pass it on once I make the fixes.


These are from a tournament I hosted in 2014. Simple, yet nice!


Trophy from today’s Turkinator 2 event.


We’re holding the David Taylor Memorial Tournament in a few weeks. I’m sure many of you knew David, and if you did then you probably also knew about his affinity for Fireball post-tournament. We made these custom trophies, and hope he would have approved.

Also, details of the tournament are below. We’re donating 100% of the entry fees to charity, so if you can’t make it out to Tennessee in a few weeks but will still like to contribute drop me a line, or make a contribution to the American Kidney Fund, David’s charity of choice.


Small correction. Sometimes “mid-tournament”.LOL Miss you brother!


We have a local guy, Dave Dimoff, who is a woodworker, and at some point he started being the goto guy for making pinball trophies using spare parts and scrap playfields. I need some for a fundraising tournament I’m running tomorrow, and he asked me what I had to make them out of. I handed him a bag full of promo plastics I had gotten from Stern at some point, and a beat up Mr & Mrs Pacman playfield and this is what he did with them. I love them.


Bryan Broyles did this for their Munsters launch party. Very cool!


I have been handing these out since Pincinnati. A local artist here has been helping me do something a little more unique with the wood medals.


Is everyone making most of these or is there a place that makes custom trophies (that aren’t hundreds of dollars)?

I’ve been looking for better trophies than what I’ve been buying from Crown Awards, but haven’t found much pinball related.


Here’s a decent website with some bases available:
(Prices range from $3 up to $100+)

We still purchase a bunch of gazing balls to serve as our “large pinballs”:

(We purchase 4", 6" and 8" for various trophies we make. You can find up to 12" if you wanted to get crazy)


I wonder how heavy a 12" pinball from Ball Baron would weigh?
EDIT: (4/3) pi r (cubed) = (4/3) * 3.14159 * 216 = 905 cu. in. * 0.282 lb/cu. in. = 255 pounds
I want one! Someone start a GoFundMe!

He sells an oak stand for his 4".


Cross stitched a first place trophy for the first season of New Haven Pinball League:

In addition to gift cards, second and third place will receive one of these (or similar; currently working on some DMD art from Jack-Bot and TAF):


Some of the throwback Superelectric Pinball Battle monthly trophies are impressive. For being a non Circuit/League trophy, I’m looking forward to putting this block on a wall!

Bonus points for winning it while traveling with someone who did Russian studies in college as well.


These are tropies from a pinball tournament in The Netherlands in 2011. you see the gold trophy,silver and… white :wink:


Ah yes, the Supereletsrits Peenball Baple in Tsleveland Ocheo


Yeah, she had a field day with this. :laughing: