Custom trophy thread!


These were from Freeplay Florida 2018.


I made this trophy for our Charity Critical Hit today. First time trying my hand at 3d modeling/printing.


wow those look awesome!!!




Thanks. I need to make some tweaks to the model, but if anyone wants the file to print their own, I’m happy to pass it on once I make the fixes.


These are from a tournament I hosted in 2014. Simple, yet nice!


Trophy from today’s Turkinator 2 event.


We’re holding the David Taylor Memorial Tournament in a few weeks. I’m sure many of you knew David, and if you did then you probably also knew about his affinity for Fireball post-tournament. We made these custom trophies, and hope he would have approved.

Also, details of the tournament are below. We’re donating 100% of the entry fees to charity, so if you can’t make it out to Tennessee in a few weeks but will still like to contribute drop me a line, or make a contribution to the American Kidney Fund, David’s charity of choice.


Small correction. Sometimes “mid-tournament”.LOL Miss you brother!