Custom trophy thread!


I’m sure lots of you players have encountered and/or won some interesting and fun trophies over the years. Post photos of your favorites for all to enjoy!

To get the ball rolling, here is the Trophy from 2014’s Garage Gauntlet, created by @GarrettHays. I was in striking distance of winning this beauty, but alas, flubbed it in the finals as I tend to do.


I have a couple but this is by far my favorite. I won it at the first tournament I ever entered too, which to this day is still surprising to me. I was pretty much a total loser in every competitive activity I tried up to that point!


Angela Drobka makes some truly unique trophies. She created one for the FSPA vs PPL League Challenge (which PPL has never won and never will… :wink: I know there’s a closeup shot of it somewhere, but I can’t find it right now, so you’ll have to settle for this group victory photo:

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that little dig at my great friends in the PPL... love you guys ;)


Is Stellhorn around? You guys haven’t seen trophies until you’ve seen NateFest trophies.


I’ve made a couple of these backbox trophies.



Here is the one from our 24 hour final battle. New name added each year. Will be announcing the date and opening registration for this years real soon.


Let me see if I can dig up some Photos of our NEPL trophies too. We have a great idea for this seasons. Hope we can execute it.


Here are some of the league ones. Inserts all light up


I like those backbox ones too. Mind sharing some info on those to use?


Here’s mine from 2014’s Critical Hit. I am unashamedly stealing the Garage Gauntlet sword trophy idea for 2015’s Critical Hit though :smiley:

Critical Hit - SoCal Tournament

The GG trophy isn’t as custom as these other awesome trophies but, its probably easier and cheaper. I printed out the Atari Gauntlet font on sticker paper after I photochopped it. Then cut the lettering out after it was stuck to the sword. The sticker paper adhesive is enough to act as a resist to the ferric chloride used to etch the metal. I had to carefully brush acetone on the areas I peeled off the sticker paper. The residue is enough to resist the acid. Then I dunked the whole blade in ferric chloride for 30m or so. Put some oil on the blade afterwards or it will rust quickly. I was surprised how well it came out. You could also do the opposite of what I did and only etch out the lettering instead of the rest of the sword.

@spraynard Don’t worry you’ll have a shot at the much larger garage gauntlet III sword later this year :wink:


This was a cool trophy to win. The artist did a great job.


One of the trophies for Isley Brewing Co. Triple Strike tournament in Richmond, VA this weekend.


I made these for my flip off hunger last fall…the food from the cans was used to make chili for the players and we raised over $900 for local food bank. Pretty pleased.



The infinity mirror dungeon hallway is so flippin cool! Do you have any photos in regular lighting, to see what the rest of the trophy looks like?


This should give you an idea:


The new trophy design that BAPA has started producing (we’re a bit backlogged on trophy production):


New custom drinking trophies for this weekend’s tournament in Lafayette, IN. Come on over and play.