Custom trophy thread!


I finished up some custom trophies for our Pingolf league over the weekend… looking forward to giving these away in a couple weeks.


damn those are nice! Do they have LEDs in them to give them that glow?


Thanks! Yeah… It’s etched acrylic (I have acces to the machine at work) and I put LED strips in the U channel the acrylic is sitting inside. When you put a light against the edge of the acrylic it will diffuse where it’s etched making it look like its glowing. It’s kinda the same thing as a clear exit sign.


Man, there are some really cool trophies pitured in this thread. That Sanctum trophy is insane!

Someone needs to post a good close-up picture of the one James Calcia made for Pintastic too.


Here are this seasons NEPL finals trophies. We have over 160 players competing in 4 divisions next weekend for these.


Ahh sweet! you win a new pair of legs attached to some sort of tubular packaging ;D


and you get a Tommy topper too! Nice Trophies Mike


Women’s Championship trophy toppers just came in for us . . . 14" tall overall


some we used for Whoa Nellie a few months ago


So jealous of the trophies you guys create in OKC.


New Friday night plaques for Cactus Jacks


Cactus Jack’s League Champion Cup


My friend Jason got these made for our league this year, I thought they came out pretty nice.


For those of you who are purchasing trophies, what companies are you buying from?


My local antique shop. No joke. I’ve been collecting antique champagne buckets and polishing them up. Great trophy material.


The latest trophies for our pingolf league… Tommy topper style. I found these for sale last year at CB2 oddly enough, and it seems they’re still available.


Whoa, those are beautiful. I’m stealing this idea immediately. How do you affix it to the bottom stand?


They’re just sitting in an acrylic ring, not attached in any way. I got them off amazon for a few bucks each. Look for ball display stands. That reminds me, I need to get a bigger one for the 1st place trophy.


before papa martians. its a work of art.


So excited about our Halloween tournament trophies, I had to share!