Custom trophy thread!


My GB tournament trophies. They turned out ok…not amazing or anything.


Noid trophy from the Domino’s launch party in Buffalo.


I just did some “upcycled” trophies for the pingolf league… have to thank my wife for the amazing idea of sticking the bumper cap on top of the cup.


This is from an unofficial Ghostbusters LE launch tourney, which took place at Ayce Gogi in Van Nuys, CA, last month. The slimer looks to be handpainted. I didn’t make it, but I won it!


Trophy we made for last years league.
3 color screen print on wood plaque w/ engraved place badge


Custom trophy for TPF17 from Double Danger Pinball:


The Stanley Cup of competitive pinball . . .


Championship ring for our linked fastbreak march madness bracket next week.


My two favorites:


I want a Progresso Can Trophy…


@jay: What’s with the sewing machine on the bumper cap? I haven’t seen that before.


The recent posts reminded me I want to post this trophy (it lights up!) for The Grid Pinball League (Grid is a Tron themed gamer bar)


The tournament was held at an arcade called Pins and Needles. I belive the proprieter is also a seamstress so the sewing machine is a nod to that.


Nice touch, I like that :slight_smile:


KME built that trophy, I supplied the blinky electronics. Hopefully it still works for you!

Here’s an early Pins’n’Needles vid:


Thanks for the link! A bit of history there :slight_smile:


Here are some custom trophies for this season of the Kidforce Pinball League. Each season the shop owner Joe uses a new arrival game to theme the trophies. His latest batch for Dialed In!


damn, those are awesome! Were they 3d printed?


Haha nope! They’re all handmade with low technology over sleepless nights. I’m sure Joe would take your question as a compliment though!


Work in progress. I will put something on the screens and then call it a day on these. Kind of fun for a little side launch tournament to coincide with out main tournament.