Custom trophy thread!


Love the second trophy! :smiley:


Aww, that SE T610 deserves to be number 1.


I loved that phone…in 2006. Haha.


Perfect! And awesome!


Trent gave up his phone for a trophy. Real cool of him.


Our Pinball Asylum trophies for the 5th Annual Point Monsters Championship-- called by many “the most coveted trophy in Florida”

GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE “Asylum Monsters” were sculpted by Jim Tufaro. The plaque can be used as a stand for the monster, or hung on the wall.


Those are incredible.


I started a Terminus Challenge on Walking Dead machines at our league locations. They each have the venue name on them.


Terminus stew? Uhhh…


My wife’s latest creation. I’ll probably give it out to the player that just misses A division finals.


Launch party trophy for our Buffalo Billiards event.


Haven’t decided what award this will be yet.


These were the “trophies” for the Critical Hit tournament I just ran. I think we will have battle axes at the next event!


I love Halloween and the fun trophies we give out. The skulls for first to third are similar to last year but the wonderfully creepy rat skeleton holding a Pinball is new this year for the best costume award!


You can find these on the website. We will soon be able to do custom engraving as well as T-shirts and other goodies


Thought I would share this with everyone in case you wanted to do something similar. At the end of my events, I hand out all the prizes and awards as I’m sure most of you do as well. I then post photos to certain forums or social media and noticed that most of the time it’s hard to tell who got what place, especially if the people don’t hold up a finger. So I can up with the idea to have the players wear lanyards that contained a photo of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in hopes they could wear it for photo purposes only and then people looking at that pictures could clearly identify each place. My fiancé then decided to take pinballs, and arrange them into numbers and photograph them on a red background. We just had an event a little over a week ago and we got to use them and I think they turned out well!


It’s hard to believe that 14 months ago I became the Tournament Director for Delaware. In doing so, I jumped into this role with a ton of passion and from the outset my plan was to bring top notch tournaments to the Mid-Atlantic area, all while being unique and offering a different experience you get from any other tournaments in the area. One of those differences was creating the Delaware Tour Championship, a year long circuit of events spread out through the year for players to earn points towards the BIG year end finale on 12/1. My goal was to offer the winner of the Tour Championship a minimum of $800 for first place alone, again unheard of for your local pinball scene. Well I got that goal barely, but nevertheless we accomplished it. So come December 1st, someone is going to walk away from Joe Fox’s house with $800 in their pocket. And in addition to that $800, they will also take home the title of 2018 Delaware Tour Champion.

With that said, I wanted to also make a splash with trophy that will be up for grabs. I’ve never seen one of this caliber, but the winner of the Tour Championship will be taking home a trophy that stands over 5 FEET TALL!!! It’s some serious hardware folks and it doesn’t get any BIGGER than this!!! It’s time to go BIG or go home!


Ha, that’s me. That thing is fricken heavy. I had to put it somewhere safe so no one knocks it off the base and break someone’s foot.


Had this made up for a tournament I’m having this weekend


I don’t call it the Bug Crusher for nothin’