Custom trophy thread!


Love the second trophy! :smiley:


Aww, that SE T610 deserves to be number 1.


I loved that phone…in 2006. Haha.


Perfect! And awesome!


Trent gave up his phone for a trophy. Real cool of him.


Our Pinball Asylum trophies for the 5th Annual Point Monsters Championship-- called by many “the most coveted trophy in Florida”

GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE “Asylum Monsters” were sculpted by Jim Tufaro. The plaque can be used as a stand for the monster, or hung on the wall.


Those are incredible.


I started a Terminus Challenge on Walking Dead machines at our league locations. They each have the venue name on them.


Terminus stew? Uhhh…


My wife’s latest creation. I’ll probably give it out to the player that just misses A division finals.


Launch party trophy for our Buffalo Billiards event.


Haven’t decided what award this will be yet.


These were the “trophies” for the Critical Hit tournament I just ran. I think we will have battle axes at the next event!