City Champ 8, June 22-23, Tickets on sale April 6

We are happy to announce that City Champ 8 will be held on June 22-23 at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco. Format will be similar to previous years. Qualifying is 12 rounds of tiered-Swiss matchplay. Playoffs will be undergoing a slight change to a Pinburgh-style format. Three banks of four games (EM, Solid State, Early DMD, Modern DMD/LCD). Full details at Tickets will go on sale on April 6 at 11:00AM PDT.

With @JimiWolf moving from the Bay Area, the new tournament directors are @genex and myself. The rest of the volunteers, techs, and officials will largely be the same, so we expect to have the same quality of tournament as in the past.

Apologies for the change from our normal dates and the relatively short notice. When trying to schedule the event, it became clear that many of our techs and volunteers strongly preferred not having the event during our usual time frame. The adjusted date will allow us to put on the best event we can, this year and in the future. We hope that many of you will be able to join us.


Wow, bummer about the major date change. I was planning to make it back this year, but that just falls too close to IFPA WC for me to swing it.

Whatever works best for the health and longevity of the event is obviously the right move though! Hoping I can get there next year.


Damn! I’m scrambling to change my plans, I hope I can still swing it.

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San Francisco in the summer is way nicer than rainy December :slight_smile:

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Any trick to getting a ticket when they go live? Or just be ready right at the bell and hope for the best?

think of Pinburgh tickets as practice :slight_smile: but yeah it will sell out quick since we’re limited to 84 players

We’re using Eventbrite again so if you have an account it doesn’t hurt to be logged in already as well when it’s time to get tickets

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Thanks. I’ll be prepared. I’m familiar with Eventbrite so I should be good.

Tickets on sale tomorrow at 11AM PDT.


Was also hoping to attend City Champ this year, but it won’t be 2019 due to the big date change. Also bummed that it’s now scheduled the same weekend as the Bat City Open Stern Pro Circuit event that we announced in January. But I fully appreciate that without the TDs, techs, and volunteers – there is no tournament.

So for those of you that don’t get your City Champ tickets tomorrow, please consider making the trip to Austin for the Bat City Open that same weekend. Happy clicking/refreshing, everyone!

We’ll be posting the sales date for the BCO circuit match-play event within the next 1-2 weeks.


Sorry about that. Tried to pick a date that didn’t overlap with any other circuit events, but IFPA didn’t have a date listed for the Bat City Open:

Yeah, I noticed that yesterday, too. And emailed IFPA to get the schedule updated correctly.

Please put me on the waitlist!!!

it took until 2:00:25 before the tickets were live and I clicked immediately and they were gone

same here… where is the waitlist?

Who knows hopefully I am first in line

I’ve heard that it works on the app but not always the site.

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Not sure how eventbrite handles waitlists, but it may appear on the app and not the web site. Also, keep refreshing for tickets that free up from people not checking out.

Waitlist will become available when all the tickets have been sold. Keep refreshing.

Okay I just used the app to be added to the waitlist but the Website does not offer that. Hopefully I am not super far down now.

Registered players and waitlist have been updated on the site:

Sweet. Glad I got in! Now time for flights.