The Bat City Open 2019

Ladies and gentlemen the Bat City Open 2019 returns for it’s fourth year June 21th - June 23rd this year with more Circuit flavor!

Buffalo Billiards and the Bat City Pinball club are honored to be back on the Stern Pro Circuit for the 2019 season.

The basics so far:
Colin MacAlpine - Tournament Director
Matchplay format. Qualifying on Saturday with A,B, and Novice finals on Sunday (PAPA Style format).
Total field and games per round still TBD pending game availability. Cost still TBD.
That’s all we have for right now.
More details to come as we firm up all the rest of the important stuff.


Wow, it’s back on the circuit. Congrats!

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Thanks! We were invited back when an event withdrew.
Now we have to do the work to keep our spot secure for years to come.


What event withdrew?

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I honestly do not know who, or why, they needed/wanted to withdraw. I’m sure it will come to light as soon as the event list is updated.

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I believe it was a European event


When’s the details being dropped? Looking forward to making a trip down in the middle of the late spring circuit burst!

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Thanks for asking. Have you been eavesdropping on our Slack channel? :wink:
This week. Should post by this Friday. Anticipating tickets going on sale next Saturday.
Essentially, it’s the same match play format as last year, but with more players and more pins. Woohoooo!

On Friday evening, we’re planning on running a Flip Frenzy tourney as the warm-up instead of a Strikes event.

Once again, Dos Equis has generously sponsored the Bat City Pinball Club, significantly adding to the prize purse.

Streaming of the event brought to you by @spraynard

Stay tuned.


As someone who works for an offshoot company from Dos Equis, this makes it that much more interesting. :grin:

Uhhh, don’t you mean Interesante? :joy:

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Would there be finals along with the flip frenzy to account for the varying strength of opponents?

Quick answer, there will be a finals component to the flip frenzy.
For ALL the answers, wait a day or two for the web page to go live…

The web page for the 2019 Bat City Open is now live!
Registration will open at Noon CST on Saturday April 20th
Game list will be posted as soon ASAP.

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Is this correct as it means that these random players will get more payout than the players getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I understand the desire for random payouts too keep it interesting for the lower skilled players that come but it seems like top 4 of the tournament should get more than a random number pulled player.

Flip Frenzy Prize Structure:
– 50% paid out to the top 4 finishers (60-25-10-5)
– 50% paid out to 3 random non finals players
-33% (5th-20th)
– 33% (21st-40th)
– 33% (41st- and above)


If it makes you feel better, look at it in terms of EV. All 5-20th have an EV just over 1%


Thats also 200%.

Maybe im missing sonething, but yeah, random players making more than finalists is not right.

It’s 50% to top 4, 50% to 3 randoms, not 50% to 3 randoms plus 33% to three additional randoms.

I think that this payout structure makes no sense.


Gotta hand it to the organizers - it sure is an original payout structure.

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50% of the pot goes to finalists. Of that money the splits are 65%, 25%, 10%, 5%

The other half goes to three random people:

One person is selected from positions 5-20 and gets 33% of half the pot.

One person is selected from positions 21-40 and gets 33% of half the pot.

One person is selected from positions 41-? And gets 33% of half the pot.

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