circuit finals tentative first round matchups


Yes, I believe those would be the groups if I made the correct assumptions about the tiebreaker protocols [earlier in the thread]. Here’s how they shake out rank wise:

Note this includes 22 of the top 30.


Something changed… I now see Dave Stewart and Kevin Kuntz on the list and I do not see Keri.


Kevin has a 50 on his circuit resume which gives him the edge over Dave in the tiebreaker


Kevin is not attending Circuit Final.


What happens if another player drops?


Say it ain’t so, Timmy!


It could happen out of 40 players… and we have a 3 way tie coming up next…


(ignore this…)


Your wish granted :wink:


Who needs three belts anyways


Also…FML now after this recent group change. Not that any groups are particularly more favorable than others

I stick out like a sore thumb!




Keith Elwin out, Jerry Bernard in.


2016 - Elwin comes to PAPA Circuit Finals

2017 - Elwin does not come to PAPA Circuit Finals

Stern. Not even Once.

(I hope it’s work/all good and not something bad)




Latest and greatest.


Looks like I’m in the “J” group!


Ooh, PPO rematch between Trent “Trentaur” Augenstein and Aleksander “Kid Kaz” Kaczmarczyk! I like this new draw!

Spectators should watch for flying chairs. :smiling_imp:


Or, is @pinwizj in the 3-syllable last name group?


When does the circuit finals start?