circuit finals tentative first round matchups


Wednesday. Day before PAPA Qualifying


Thanks Tim, but


Check in at 9am, so I’m guessing it starts at 10.


Papa posted the list of circuit attendees on their fb page. Can anyone update the groupings?


Trent’s top seed earned him a first round group with @bkerins, @sk8ball and @Adam :open_mouth:


1 Trent Augenstein
20 Bowen Kerins
21 Keith Elwin
40 Adam Lefkoff

2 Zach Sharpe
19 Josh Sharpe
22 Zac Wollons
39 Chris Basler

3 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
18 Jon Replogle
23 Sanjay Shah
38 Pete Hendricks

4 Eric Stone
17 Bob Matthews
24 Brian O’Neill
37 Greg Poverelli

5 Levi Nayman
16 Tim Sexton
25 David Riel
36 Joshua Henderson

6 Raymond Davidson
15 Fred Richardson
26 Timothy Street
35 Sunshine Bon

7 Jason Werdrick
14 Chris Chinn
27 Evan Bingham
34 Aaron Grabowski

8 John Delzoppo
13 Escher Lefkoff
28 Christopher CJ Smith
33 Nick Zendejas

9 Andy Rosa
12 Colin Urban
29 Alberto Santana
32 Chris Warren

10 Steven Bowden
11 Ed Zeltmann
30 Eric Destasio
31 Adam McKinnie


…aaaaand how much longer until we get schoolyard pick / draft your finals groups! :smiley:


Time to resurrect the “Let’s talk about initial seeding in tournaments” thread :slight_smile:

Draft picking for finals would lead to a great “Drunk Drafting” pinball dictionary addition . . . Trent just says “F*ck it . . . I’ll take KME, BEK, ZAC for round 1” :slight_smile:


Standard group seeding definitely makes less sense as the qualifying process grows. Sure it’s fine in a 2 day unlimited qualifying event, but when “qualifying” lasts a year with wildly varying levels of participation, yeahhhh maybe not so good.

But with that said, I think part of the challenge (and fun?) of the circuit final is that you know every group is going to be tough and you have to play well from the start to have a chance to advance. Same thing with IFPA WC. No warmup matches!


Good luck @LOTR_breath !! Awesome to see your name up there.


From another recent thread …

I then took some “possible opt-outs” into account and created a “could be” sample of 40 seeds. Notice what this version, or one like it, might produce:

Group 1 - - top seed Trent getting both Keith and Bowen, plus Adam Lefkoff
Group 2 - - the Sharpe duel
Group 3 - - the “PA party” with Alexander, Jon and Pete

Well, I got it right that far at least.

And Eric and I get to be best buddies again … I think our group will be lots of fun.


Thanks Eric. Two from Alabama made the cut!


Play better???


Is there an updated player list?


Have players dropped out?


I saw @BMU scribbling something at LAX when I said I’m dropping out, but haven’t seen him post anything.


I didn’t update my group listing pending hearing if there are any other changes. Anybody aware of others?

If yours is the only change, then this is what I’d get [since Jeff’s name was mentioned rather than Robin’s, I’m assuming that Robin declined]:

Group Updated 3/12/18
1 Trent Augenstein Bowen Kerins Keith Elwin Jeff Teolis
2 Zach Sharpe Josh Sharpe Zac Wollons Adam Lefkoff
3 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk Jon Replogle Sanjay Shah Chris Basler
4 Eric Stone Bob Matthews Brian O’Neill Pete Hendricks
5 Levi Nayman Tim Sexton David Riel Greg Poverelli
6 Raymond Davidson Fred Richardson Timothy Street Joshua Henderson
7 Jason Werdrick Chris Chinn Christopher CJ Smith Sunshine Bon
8 John Delzoppo Escher Lefkoff Alberto Santana Aaron Grabowski
9 Andy Rosa Colin Urban Eric Destasio Nick Zendejas
10 Steven Bowden Ed Zeltmann Adam McKinnie Chris Warren


Poor Geoff :slight_smile:


over/under on my points total: 0.5


I’ll lay 3 PAPA tokens on the over. What odds am I getting? :smiley: