circuit finals tentative first round matchups


Dang @BMU you were quick on the draw with this one! Does anyone know if any of these players are not going to be in attendance? Are Jorian, Erno, and Daniele all flying out?


Group 3 will be a great one to follow on PAPAtv


I really do hope papa tv decides to broadcast the early rounds too this year


Here’s the next bunch should we get some no-shows. Note it starts with #42 Andy since #1 is Steven and the 40 players shown above are points-winners 2 through 41. Tiebreaker for exact same point history for Mike, Jerry and Per was earliest finish [they all had 75 points with one second place finish]. Escher is lower with a 50 [4th] and a 25 [tied 10th].


Circuit standings updated on PAPA site


Group ranking averages

Group 1: 100.5
Group 2: 30.5
Group 3: 22.5
Group 4: 47
Group 5: 58.75
Group 6: 71.75
Group 7: 75.75
Group 8: 72.5
Group 9: 175.25
Group 10: 43

These ranking averages probably don’t mean too much and will most likely be changed


@PAPA_Doug will there be a list of players who are attending again this year?


Yes, once we have all 40 participants, we will provide a list.


PAPA A division games again this year?


Looking forward to doing better than last place this year… :open_mouth:



So far Bowden and Donavan aren’t attending, and Rotter hasn’t responded



That leaves Zen and Josh H., then they can start going to guys like Rosa. Hey, there’s still a chance for a group 2 of Trent, Jorian, Bowen and FLR.


Doug said they’re both attending


FLR tells me he’s in… where does that leave things?


Just received FLRs confirmation. Here’s your 40 finalists:

Zach Sharpe
Trent Augenstein
Jason Werdrick
Keith Elwin
David Riel
Tim Sexton
Robert Gagno
Raymond Davidson
Bob Matthews
Karl DeAngelo
John Delzoppo
Levi Nayman
Alberto Santana
Evan Bingham
Jim Belsito
Adam McKinnie
Cryss Stephens
Andrei Massenkoff
Nick Zendejas
Jorian Engelbrektsson
Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
Johnny Modica
Bowen Kerins
Lee Moscaritolo
Fred Richardson
Kevin Birrell
Sanjay Shah
Andrew Pancoast
Jon Replogle
Keri Wing
Mahesh Murthy
Robert Byers
Joshua Henderson
Gene X Hwang
Daniele Celestino Acciari
Adam Lefkoff
Josh Sharpe
Sunshine Bon
Andy Rosa
Francesco La Rocca


Does that mean these are the groups?!


I don’t think Doug’s list reflects tiebreakers.


Modica will advance through his group as if stepping over an obese cat in a dimly lit hallway


I think these are the groups… assume anything posted is unofficial until resident spreadsheet expert @BMU posts here.