Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet

I felt GoT premium/LE solved the issue somewhat by forcing you to hit a dangerous drop target to shoot the only ramp that gave you access to the upper PF.

true but just once… i would hope we could have the software adjustment to make “drop target” = “extra hard” and have it reset up either 1 switch hit after it is hit down or X seconds to make the left orbit into catapult MB more difficult :slight_smile:


@timballs I played the Prem BKSOR first time today (fun upper PF!), and I agree with Germaine: need to make it more difficult to get back up top to chop wood at Catapult, as well as make it more difficult to keep a ball in the upper PF. I would suggest have the Extra Hard L lane drop target setting require dangerous shots to the flail, Super standup, and/or lowered Shield to requalify the drop target to actually drop, to gain far left access back up top — perhaps after a certain number of trips to the upper PF.

Another possible physical modification: replace the rubber ring at the bottom rail of the UPF with something less bouncy — even with a reasonably tight tilt, I could get just enough action on that rubber ring to avoid most drains out of the UPF. My two cents.

Regardless of your decision, thanks for all the time and passion you’re putting into designing rules and code for the game.


Prem notes:

  • Catapault MB Jackpots cap at 5M.
  • The KNIGHT modes rotate.
  • Loops build catapault jackpots by some value.
  • Catapault MB Super = (sum of jackpots since last SJP) * (1 + # of locks lit)

@ScoutPilgrim Did ya do all this math on the fly while you were clipping out that 4B?


There was a lot of Catapaulting. I needed to stay occupied!

Also for the Premium, the real long con is Loops + Mystery awards. Hold Bonus paired with tons of Bonus X and loops is absolutely lethal, especially when you can chain Hold Bonuses together!


@Frisbez what did you get? Like 80M on your one ball bonus?

Yea. 80M held over. That was on a 500M ball though

When you mean chaining hold bonus together, do you mean the base bonus comes over, or the multiplied final bonus?

Hold Bonus gives you the entire collect value as a separate non-multipliable line item. This can be held again with a subsequent Hold Bonus with the new Bonus added on.

For example, a 150M bonus was held and had 630M added and held. This 780M bonus had another 400M added, for a final total of 1.18B final ball bonus and 2B+ total bonus for the game.

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I guess the good news is that the held bonus isn’t re-multiplied…

Where is all this bonus coming from, loops? I suppose at some point the strategy becomes to shoot the top lanes.

cough Pinball Fantasies.

Yep! Loops are super useful since they boost the value of modes/Catapault MB jackpots, they themselves are progressive, and also count nicely in bonus. Bonus X is definitely a play once you’ve built up a solid base, along with taking the Mystery when lit to roll for favorable awards (Bonus related, save related, KNIGHT letter).

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I recommend moving to 1.0 code for tournaments asap for tournaments using premium/le games.

  • Game Adjustment #29 DROP TARGET UP IN MBALL defaults to YES

This keeps the left drop target up during multiball since it cannot be re-raised safely during multiball. This will prevent a player from collecting super jackpots during catapult, super, and TKC multiball. To compensate, super feature timer will be paused during all multiballs. The drop target can only be lowered in single-ball play outside of these multiballs.


sounds great Tim, will definitely try that out in the next tourney!

Really, this should be HELL YES

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There are two Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pros in Stockholm that has the LE-ROMs installed (accidentally, of course).

I haven’t played them myself (and I’ve never played the LE) but I hear there are plenty of Bonus-points to get during some kind of “last chance”.

I dub this: The PRO-with-LE-ROM-bonus-strategy!

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It shouldn’t be possible to ‘accidentally’ install the wrong version. At the very least the update process should be looking at the file name for a predetermined string and there are any number of checks that could be performed such as checking for switch 80.