Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


Hitting the Catapult Light Lock target will light a Catapult lock light during Catapult MB. However many lock lights are lit multiply the Super Jackpot. I think 1 light = 2X super, 2 lights = 3X super, and all 3 lights = 4X super.


That’s helpful to know. Sounds like Catapult MB is the way to go on the Premium/LE. Does it ever get harder to lock balls after the first Catapult MB?


Yeah. Second go around you have to hit the lock target once per lock. So 6 shots instead of three.

Btw retro MB plus super modes are the way to go on all Black Knights. Haha


Sure. But that’s like saying Cyborg multiball is the way to go on Iron Maiden. What I meant was that Catapult MB is potentially much more valuable than Triple Knights Challenge and is worth focusing on over it.


Yeah 6 shots total to start the 2nd Catapult MB but you can light all 3 locks before actually locking any balls.


Timothy Street dropped a 200+Million Catapult SJP on me the other night in league on the way to a 1.006 billion score. Subsequently we have gone into the settings and have found no way to raise the difficulty of starting Catapult MB. Anyone tried this?


Apparently I should have watched the Dead Flip stream…

Here’s a nice Catapult Multiball demonstration.


Yikes, I gotta hope a code update changes the behavior in catapult MB to raise the left orbit drop target up from time to time, cause that left orbit -> 20 seconds of upper pf flailing -> safe feed to flipper -> repeat, is mind numbing.


But that’s black knight!


I didn’t realize how true that is and my profile was written before this game was made and I think I should just let you kids have your fun and stop complaining :).


Not with half scoring on the premium/LE! Unless there’s a way to raise the drop target for level up Supers…


How do you level up supers on the pro without the drop target?


Left spinner hits - I believe it’s X # of spins per level when not in a Super mode.




So @timballs, we had to take the LE out of tournament last night because people (looking at you @Frisbez) where shooting left orbit to catapult MB non stop… 20+ minutes balls. With a safe return to right flipper and a rather easy left orbit shot, the one game of 4 players took nearly 1.5 hours. Not feasible at this stage…


Sounds like you need to consider making a physical modification to the game


You can also maybe try to adjust the castle vuk kickout power lower so that the ball never goes to the flipper.


interesting ideas, we can definitely try that.
Any chance the # of lock target continue to increase as there is more catapult MB? It seems to cap at 2.
It would be great if there was a drop target setting in the software (i could see extra hard to have timed drop target or reset after one SW hit :D).



It is out of the question since there is no trip coil. Ill chip away at it in software until everyone is grumpy enough to stop shooting it


Steve Ritchie should stop being so kind with guaranteed inlane feeds from upper playfields. At a minimum, drop the ball directly onto the lower playfield a la BK2K, or have multiple exit pathways like the early SS games that can remove control from the player.

Old but valid example: No Fear would play a lot more challenging (and fun) if missed upper loops shots were just dumped onto the lower playfield rather than fed to the right inlane via the little plastic helper ramp. Obviously IMHO but I can’t be the only one…? BKSOR Pro was a refreshing change, a good butt-kicker… Prem looks like a return to loooooong playing SR games.