Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


Is it possible to run out of supers? I was in retro mode and played 2 or 3 (not sure how many before), and I got to a point where it said ‘super is lit!’ after a spinner rip and super was not lit. Hit the spine five or times, no supers lit.


I actually ran into the same issue. It seems to only happen during KNIGHT Multiball after approximately 3 Super Modes have been played. Is there a limit?


Not that I’ve seen; I’ve had a “unicorn” Game on the recent code with 6 in 2x Knight MB.


Definitely ran out of supers during retro mode last night. Kept ripping both spinners. No supers to be had. Still ended up over 200 million, not complaining!


It feels like you only get to play each super mode once per ball? I don’t know and it is hard to figure out.

I’d also prefer if the jackpot value for those modes were on screen throughout, to help players understand what builds the value and to know when it’s smarter to cash it in or try to build more.


I know the Supers get harder to light over the ball and at some point get prohibitively hard (a few hard spinner shots). Maybe there’s actually a hard cut off too?


I did notice that, on my next ball, no supers were lit on the lightning wheel. Didn’t notice if they were lit during the previous ball.


I haven’t noticed it either (playing a pro). I was wondering if one of the two lightning bolts below the right spinner being lit indicated that the next spinner shot would light super, but reading above says it indicates whether the shot will be diverted to the pops. Somone needs to do some glass off testing. What Bowen suggested sounds about right. Long ball, you start all the super modes, collecting more than one super, then no more super modes available.

How big of super champ scores are you guys seeing? I had ~130M until high scores recently reset. I assume this the the total of all supers collected during the game, not a single 130M super.

Speaking of the lightning bolt inserts below the major shots, is anyone using those strategically? I read about them above and other than indicating whether a ball will be diverted or not, I’m not sure how useful they can be. I wonder if choosing which modes to start first can be useful.


The lightning bolt inserts contribute to combos, which are SUPPOSED to score points in end of ball bonus but… don’t.


Saw a problem today where the replay score being shown on the display was incorrect. Checked the replay level in attract mode when I got there. It was at 49M, which I believe is the default floor score on the new code. Played a game, scored 120M, got the replay. I wasn’t paying close attention, but I think I got the replay correctly at 49M.

Started the next game and paused at one point to check the replay level in instant info. It still said 49M. I scored 60M in the game and did not get the replay. Checked the replay score in attract mode before the next game and it was still 49M. Later, the replay score went up to 90M and I think that was accurate.

Seems like the replay score is correctly reflexing up after a replay, but the display doesn’t always get the message. Latest code, pro.


That’s one collect. 3x playfield multiball is a hell of a drug


Good to know. I always prime supers before starting retro mode, even on ball 3. Sometimes I accidentally start the hurry up doing this, which temporarily disables retro mode, but it must be done. 3x is 3x.

Unless I’m missing something on the playfield, I don’t see anything during retro mode indicating how much time is left in running super modes. There nothing on the display. Do the super inserts pulse faster as time is running out? I can live without seeing the jackpot collects, but trying to keep track of time in my head while playing a 3 ball MB ain’t easy.


yeah, the code could definitely use several QoL upgrades. jackpot values, time left on super features, what the next super is, etc, should all be on the display in some form. there’s tons of room on there. Stern went to the trouble of switching from DMD to LCD … make use of all that extra resolution / real estate. :slight_smile:


I see the same replay issue on the GOTG Pro that I play on location. Must share some common code there.


I was about to post that the Supers timer is indeed displayed in the upper left of the screen, but I’m guessing that the Retro MB screen supersedes that Supers timer display? I haven’t had much time on the pin yet.
Hopefully the new code dropping today will address some of these, especially the Supers point level you’ve built up and timer.


Unfortunately that didn’t seem to be the case. What I would like though is for Retro MB to briefly flash the value of the SJ collect value in the score display for a few seconds (similar to BK1 flashing the hurryup collect on the other score displays).


I was playing with Josh Lehan today and he got a super jackpot during retro mode worth 147M. I believe he had 3 super modes running. He drained not long after, but there may be a 3 super mode limit in retro mode.

The jackpot value didn’t show when he collected it, but you could see his score jump in the ‘analog’ display. I guessed it was 170M. When he got super champ afterward, we saw it was 147M.

In another game, I was able to start all 6 super modes in one ball. While they were running, I accidentally backhanded the right spinner hard when making a save and the super insert lit briefly, then went out as I drained. Didn’t collect it, but you can definitely start all 6 at one time outside of retro mode.

I swear I heard some taunting from it today in a baby voice. Did I hear that? I do enjoy: 'COME AT ME, BRO!'


Yes, indeed you did. Typically it happens when you get a really cheap drain, I once got that callout after a drain from the lock target to the right outlane. Never fails to crack me up.


Anybody know how Catapult Multiball scoring works on the premium/LE?

I had an opponent bop me with a 75M Catapult Super Jackpot last night and I had no idea the Catapult scoring could potentially be that high.


It appears that SJP is always available and just grows with each jackpot you collect in the lower playfield. I haven’t had much time with it though and I have not played the newest code.