Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


Thanks Dasmico! Glad I stumbled onto this thread. I have lots of new stuff to try out now.



Complete WAR 1 (+1/subsequent hurry up) times to start. Values are based on individual pop bumper hits (?), shoot up ramp, behind shield, and the knight target to collect each pop’s hurryup. Afterwards, hit the Knight to collect a larger hurryup and a KNIGHT letter.


Yup got these 3 all taken care of for the next release.


Thanks Tim! Glad to hear. Keep up the good work.



@timballs For next update, it would be great to have some type of PF light on the L spinner/VUK shot, and total on the display of your accumulated Super value that you can cash out. Plus, fanfare/display on the value you cash out.

It’s great fun trying to keep Super Spinners going (multiplied during Retro MB), as described above, and deciding when to cash it out.


Not sure if this is a bug or intended:
Light ball save from mystery does not award if you have already lit and used the ball save (multiple times?).
Happened a couple times in longer games.


I think it’s poor wording of the award, honestly.


This one snuck past in .93. It will actually work in the next release


Something regarding the replay seems to be a bit weird. The replay is not awarded every time at the replay score that’s listed in the status report?


I noticed this in finals as well, it seems to adjust mid-game.

I saw Player 1 get replay around 50M, P2 flew past 50M, nothing happened, then P2 got it at 100M, etc.


The virtual ball save is not always saving the ball during multiballs. The sound and animation for the ball save is triggered, the ball save is unlit but no ball is returned. This doesn’t happen very frequently, but it happened during my last game yesterday (two balls drained, more or less, simultaneously) and I’ve seen it happen maybe 4-5 times before.

A similar bug was fixed in Deadpool 1.01:
- Fixed REGENERATE - during multiball, a ball going down the left outlane with
Regenerate lit would intermittently not award a ball save.


Not a huge deal, but when a ball hits the flail, it triggers a brief light show, which includes the shoot again insert. If the flail throws the ball SDTM, you watch the ball drain while the shoot again insert is flashing. This hurts my brain as I usually expect the ball to be recycled when this happens. The timing is perfect too. Every time it happens, the ball screams by as the shoot again insert is flashing. Could we please get the shoot again insert turned off for the flail light show?


TD observation - the right post rubber can’t be removed or else the Magna-Save gets screwed over. I saw it at Pinfest and we reproduced it consistently at the Kickback launch party.


I’ve seen this in lots of games, recent Sterns mostly but I feel like other, older games also have the extra ball insert included in some light shows. It would make sense to have that lamp never lit unless a ball save or extra ball was active so I like this suggestion a lot.


In the Wiki, it says there is no Ball Save during BK Retro Multiball. Yet there is definitely a regular length Ball Save during this mode on our local Pro. Is that correct or do we have a setting wrong ?


Next time i have keys, I’ll crack the game open and check.


I think the top lane skill shot bug should stay. I kinda like it. Haha.


There is indeed a Retro MB ball saver; edited that out.


Is it strange there hasn’t been a code update? At least a small one to address the broken skill shot?


So what’s the play here if you qualify “Knight” mid-mode? I realize late in modes the shot values are pretty high, so is it just hit a safe shot, wait, hit a safe shot, etc.?