Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


i figured i could either address a minor skill shot lamp problem or run an amazing pinball tournament in nyc. Check the thread below. Youll get your code soon. Lots more coming than just a skill shot fix.


I usually just try to finish off the mode (usually by this time I’ll have one of the mode’s KNIGHT letter remaining) considering how high the points values are at that point. Not worth timing them out IMO.


Do excess letters carry over? Anyone know?


Don’t think excess letters carry over. It’s always wiped clean. If I finish the knight letters mid-mode on ball 3 while competing, I will definitely think about cradling up. Haven’t done it yet, but I can see doing it. No doubt the timer will pause after 5 seconds or so. Ripping the right spinner to keep the timer going would keep supers primed. I believe the supers still work in knight MB.

Noticed the skill shot was working on the game at the NYC event this weekend. Didn’t watch close enough to see if it was old or new code, but the skill shot was working.


Skill shot works. Just the light is out. Starts on the middle lane.


I’m not sure if I’m running into a glitch, something faulty on this particular pin, or normal behavior. Playing a pro model with out of box code, I’ve gotten to Black Castle twice on location. Both times, after hitting 2 shots early within the first 5-8 seconds, with my second shot being the left spinner shot. The mode shuts itself off with no mention of the points acquired from the 2nd shot. Is anyone else running into this same issue?


I know. I could’ve worded that better. The skill shot light was working at the NYC event.


Sorry i understood what you said. I was just commenting on the fact that some want the bug fixed when for now you can still get the skill shot even if the lights don’t work.


@timballs, any insight into which color icon/wheel LED = which Super Feature level? I noticed that the colors correspond to specific scoring levels, but couldn’t figure out my red from my yellow/purple. Green is the lowest for sure.


Does anyone have more details about retro mode scoring? I’ve gotten it a few times but don’t seem to get much points out of it. How much are the jackpots worth, etc. Can power modes be started during it? Found out the hard way you can’t stack a mode with it :frowning:


It’s based on radar map scale so green->yellow->red->purple


Rulesheet says Castle Black mode can be stacked with retro MB, although I haven’t seen it yet. I believe super modes are enabled, although with only 45 seconds, not sure how useful that is. Seems like I saw light lock lit during the mode yesterday. Maybe you can statck retro MB with a regular MB?


Super modes are your friends. Play it right with the right Supers and you can net 100-300M.


Even on new code? I’ve heard the Super Spinners have been nerfed significantly.


Super Pops/Orbits/Spinners/Lanes are all great contributors to the Super scoring, especially at Level 4 in Knight. At level 4 Super Features with 3x Playfield, you’re scoring approximately:

  • 240k a spin
  • 3M an orbit
  • 1M a pop
  • 2M a lane

I’ve been able to put 100-150M tagging two of these with 2x Playfield multiple times (post coffee edit - and collecting the VUK payout)


By level 4, you mean with an added ball, so it’s 4x playfield?


Assuming that’s the proper shot to do it, you can “level up” the Super Mode chain before starting. Once you start, you’re locked into that Super Mode level. The level # is the multiplier on the base Super value for the shot (observed). For example, Super Orbits are 250k at Level 1 and 1M at Level 4.

Ideally, you jam the left spinner lane before shooting a lit Knight start to jack up the value. Great use of Multiball/Mode/War Hurryup time (since you can’t be in anything other than Super modes before starting Knight MB - and those cash out on start).


As a weather aficionado, this pleases me :slight_smile:


I think I was thinking of Castle Black mode when I typed this yesterday rather than the retro MB mode. Anyone know if you can stack a regular MB with Castle Black?


Definitely! It’s highly suggested, since it extends the mode time (pop bumpers stop timer) and gives you more balls to fire with.