Black Knight: Sword of Rage Rulesheet


You say the collect is at the spinner? It appears in these videos that they aren’t getting the award until the left VUK is hit. Or does it wait until the spinner is done spinning to award the points and those two videos just happened to have a ball go into the VUK at the same time?


yeah. collect on the VUK… I think of the shot as the “left spinner shot”, but it needs to get to the VUK to collect.


Thanks for clarifying!


Ah, THAT explains my sudden 100+mil score jump. Thanks!


I remember that so well - Trent went from what like 100M to 500M in about 60 seconds?

I swear I haven’t seen a super lanes +3X collect of that magnitude since.


The big BOOM is completely normal behavior and @Adam described it perfectly. It also helps that Super Spinner has perfect synergy with itself (right Super Spinner also lights SUPER, which adds time to Super Spinner)!


Feature request: add an animation or callout when you cash in a super mode.


Also, an IMDN-style display of the current value, which is unlisted at the moment.


Agreed, currently its hard to know what you are getting from cashing in a super mode unless its a significant amount.


Is it better/safer to try to farm KNIGHT letters from going WAR lanes/hurry-up all day instead of qualifying and playing out modes?


I think you are probably correct, although I haven’t played it enough yet to know for sure…both paths are long and arduous the second time through, but surviving all those flail hits to qualify modes is probably WAY more dangerous (though way less monotonous) than grinding out WAR lane completions and surviving the hurry-up collects… If the game is setup “tournament hard”, I doubt we’ll be seeing many games with multiple Knight Mbs played in the same game.


New code v0.93 posted


PRO V0.93 - May 2, 2019

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused balls to become trapped behind the
    shield on weak shots.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause top lanes to appear lit for skill shot
    when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Removed top and bottom lanes from award light shows.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented 2.5m from being scored as a possible award
    and sometimes skipping mystery as a result.
  • Fixed an issue where Mystery would show Light Super and Start a super
  • Fixed an issue where multiple flail impact sounds could play.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the shield diverter duty-cycle to
    expire when it shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed an issue where some display effects would stop on the tilt display


  • Boosted the amount of sword power earned from drop target hits, bank
    completions, and center shot hits.
  • Added multiple scoreboxes to each Skeleton during a Pop Bumper session.
  • Modified Wicked Cavern mode so it will never have only 1 shot lit on the
    center target.
  • Change the Ball 1 Locked and Ball 2 Locked videos so that they show as
    full screen display effects.
  • Modified the presentation order of effects on the Shield VUK. Mode Start
    will always be the last display effect shown.
  • Updated the light show for End of Ball Bonus.
  • Added the Flame Panel to attract light show.
  • Revised attract light show to make them more smooth.
  • Default number of modes for extra ball updated to 2.
  • Modified spinner display effect to use full-length scores instead of abbreviated.
  • Speech, FX, and Music volumes and tweaks.
  • Score balancing.
  • Tweaked the order of some speech calls.
  • Default lower flipper power set to Hard.
  • Verified consistency in fonts to display scores.


  • Added additional high score entries.
    • Combo Champion
    • KNIGHT Champion
    • Black Castle Champion
    • WAR Champion
    • Bonus Champion
    • Triple Knight’s Challenge Champion
    • Molten Fire Champion
    • Deep Freeze Champion
    • Mud Bog Champion
    • Wicked Cavern Champion
    • Burning Sands Champion
    • Super Champion
  • Added sounds to sound test.
  • Updated the UI to show the following information:
    • Lightning Effect while POWER modifier is active during a mode.
    • Pulsing background glow to running super feature icons.
    • Values for Super Orbits, Super Lanes, Super Slings, and Super Targets.
    • Super Feature Collect Jackpot value.
  • Add game adjustment for Shield Diverter power.
  • Add game adjustment for Trough power.
  • Added 5 difficulty settings for KNIGHT letters. Install competition defaults to
    Extra Hard (0 Letters spotted)
  • Updates to Flail Motor:
    • Enabled STALL TIMEOUT mechanism.
    • Motor can detect stalls caused by a stuck ball.
    • Enhanced flail motor opto detection/compensation
  • Added start effects for Black Knight Original Multiball.
  • Added light effect for Combos on the orbit shots.
  • Added additional Black Knight Taunts throughout the game.
  • Competition mode now makes the order of mystery effects deterministic.
  • Added display effects for Magna Save Available and Ball Save Lit.

Moved to System 2.27:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.40.0

Updated instructions for RESTORE SETTINGS.

Reordered items in UTIL->VOL, moved CABINET SPEAKER TYPE to be after

Added UTIL->RESET->VOL which will reset all audio settings to their
default values.

Append (MAX) to the credit message if the number of credits equals
the CREDIT LIMIT adjustment.


Any specifics you can share on “score balancing?”


After updating our local Pro, Two things I noticed:

1 - Top Lanes remain unlit before plunge whether holding flipper for Super Skill Shot or not. Could not verify if one lane still scored a Skill Shot even if unlit.

2 - High scores were not reset, while new Mode Champion scores were added. Bug or Feature?


Added to the latest node board update, its a new feature on all games with the board patched.


You’re right. Looks like that’s broken. Thanks for testing.

Edit: Skill shot still works but the light doesn’t show.


Been enjoying the pro at Underground Retrocade in West Dundee.

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused balls to become trapped behind the
    shield on weak shots.

After the code update, am still noticing the above problem all the time, usually once every game or two. The ball gets stuck behind the shield, not quite making it to the goal. Ball search sometimes pops the ball out when the shield briefly raises, but other times the shield lowers itself too quickly and the ball remains trapped. After the 3rd ball search, I think the game launches a new ball. Maybe tweak the search to keep the shield up for good? I’m sure the ball would release in that case.

Also seeing that the skill shot has no lane lit. It appears that the middle Lane triggers the skill shot award.

One more bug I noticed since the update: Mystery award sometimes shows “Invalid” as a reward when cycling through them.

Looking forward to more updates!


Can someone explain how the WAR hurryups work? I don’t see them described above. Thanks!



Also noticed the INVALID award.

I’m not 100% on the WAR Hurry-Up Rules, but my current guess is that you get points for each of the three BK targets (Flail, Bash, Shield), and if all 3 are completed in time, you are awarded a KNIGHT letter.

Loving this update- The Sword Power makes for a great tool to maximize mode points and make more shots available, like UPGRADE in GOTG, Great strategic rule!