Best Callouts

Thought I’d start a “fun” thread. What’s your favorite callout in pinball?

I thought of this while playing Tron earlier today, and getting the “Take the shot! Finish the game!” callout during Sea of Simulation. That one to me is perfect for the movie tie-in and how it reflects the game situation when it’s used.

What’s your favorite?


Although for sheer impact, the first time you complete Whitewater and the machine shuts off … for those of you old enough that you DIDN’T know it was going to happen, that was intense.

While this was completely random this situation was hilarious. Vs Neil Shatz we were playing I believe an Indy 500 with a Congo next to it. Neil had a house ball and in his frustration he slapped the flipper button on Congo on the way out which produced the “How Disappointing” flipper button attract callout.


Both LOTR and Star Trek (Stern) have some outstanding multiball Super Jackpot callouts.

More along the lines of @sk8ball’s submission: @dbs had a party once where the movie Jurassic Park was showing on the TV while people were playing rounds of TAF nearby. During one of the scenes with a close-up of a dinosaur slobbering, one of the movie-watchers said something like “Ewww, gross!”, and Gomez in the pin perfectly chimed in with “The primordial ooze”. Timing couldn’t have been better if it was planned.


jack fuckin’ pot


Anything in Family Guy
Double Super Jackpot in Star Trek
I know WCS and I500 have quotes that play if you’re having an especially bad game
Super Duper Mega Extreme Jackpot in HRC

I was always a big fan of Jean Luc’s callouts in STTNG…there is just something so awesome about hearing a well known actor say “All hands prepare for Multiball”


“Creep.” Tilt callout on Robocop.


“Whitewater!” call out for multi-ball is all time. Also a big fan of “They can’t seem to get control of the ball” on WCS, “Super Jackpot!” on AFM. The horns before the replay on MM. “It was a horse” from Sopranos… I could do this for a while.

The situational call outs are really funny. Two of mine:

– I was playing No Fear with Orin Day while it was on test at Dennis’ Place For Games. This location was notable for having a somewhat rougher crowd, prompting some of us to rename it Dennis’ Place For Gangs. On this day, a couple kids got into a shoving match with one if them falling into the game, causing skull to yell “HEY! HEY!” Orin and I proceeded to bust out laughing, I thought we might get slugged.

– The other day I was playing World Cup Soccer while listening to Taylor Swift and the game said “Welcome To New York” just in time with the song if the same name.


My favorites are overlapping callouts within a game. I’ll have to think about others, but the one that comes to mind is on The Shadow.

“The sun is shining, but the ice is… EXCELLENT!”

I remember this from a Pinburgh (early years) or PAPA finals, but I thought it was a “Your shoes are untied” AFM callout. I know I am wrong about the callout, but I thought I would put my mis-memory here for luls.

“I’m having Multiple Jackpots!” - SS


“LIVE! from Transylvania Square Garden… please welcome… the MONSTERS OF ROCK!” - MB

“Big Dragon… but I bet you’re bigger!” - MM

“Joust! Catapult! Peasant! Damsel! Troll! MUUUUUUULTIBAAAAAAALL MAAAAAAADNESS!” - MM

Tuesday night, Walking Dead, first time playing vs Modica for Walker Dollars. Down by an embarrassingly large number of walkers, the game fires off “Wouldn’t wanna be you” on my last ball.

I respond with “Neither do I”. Couldn’t stop laughing, helped with the pain :sob:


Too bad fer yew!

My favorite is something I reply to every time during a match seq.

Game: "The Shadow knows…"
Me: “Yo momma’s phone number!”

Yo momma jokes. They never go out of style.

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“A new power is rising! TO WAAAAAAR!!!” from LOTR is probably my favorite callout. I get hyped every time for the multiball.

Basically everything from AFM, but I particularly like “Not our hotdogs!” when you’re battling the saucer over the USA.

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"They took our stuff!"
One of my faves.

Avatar. Stephne Lange doing custom call outs 'in the character; he plays in the movie. Just awesome!

“Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a pinball wizard!”