Favorite Sounds

what are your favorite pin sounds and callouts?

I found this thread but didn’t want to necropost and also wanted to broaden it to sounds in general.

here’s a couple of mine that are burned into my brain:

  • right down the middle coin drop from Apollo 13
  • today today today from sopranos
  • thank you boys from eatpm
  • the multiball startup sound from Addams family
  • the increasing pitch sounds from meteor when you rack up a massive bonus
  • the main theme from grand lizard
  • The 49th bonus tone on Paragon
  • “Oh, Yes” for the 1B hurry-up on AFM; the ROTU callout and music, too
  • Lyman’s Lament on Monster Bash
  • “Whitewater!”
  • The Counterforce faster-higher humming that warns you your bonus multiplier is about to vanish

There’s too many but here’s the first few that come to mind.

  • The MM coin drop sound
  • “Hey, watch those hands buster”
  • The AFM extra ball sequence
  • LOTR “You need people of intelligence on this sort of mission, quest, thing”
  • The Twilight Zone jackpot sound
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GC music on Pinbot

  • Venom - scoring & completing host combo / hurry-up shots
  • James Bond 007 - smart missile collected / used, jackpot hype
  • GZ - using the heat ray / scoring super spinner, Tesla strike spinner, 5x loops off of magna-grab, guitar riffs for imposter battles
  • Stern JP - DNA combo collected, upper loop to tower combo shot
  • Munsters - super jackpot hype when a bunch are stacked
  • TRON - all sounds related to Sea of Simulation
  • LOTR - Two Towers hype, ring throwing the ball through the magnet
  • TAF - start of multiball, jackpot hype, 3 and 4-way combos
  • Whirlwind - air raid siren for 3-way combo
  • Flash Gordon - nailing a lit spinner
  • Paragon - full bonus tally at 5x
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Banzaaaaiii !!! on Banzai Run.
The sound that the coil makes from the Scared Stiff crate when you start the Stiff-o-meter


Iron Maiden - “More like Flight of Brickarus!” - the Beast
Courtesy of @Snailman

  • Final Draw scoop “thhhunk”
  • Robocop spinner rip
  • Monopoly tilt
  • Koi playing TAF
  • Taxi 1k spinout tone
  • Rollergames jackpot music

TSPP: “Tilting makes baby Jesus cry”


“Hey shut-up everybody, we’ve got a player here!” Moe from TSSP
This is one of the few moments in pinball when I feel like a badass.

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IJ monkey brains mode burps. They sound so clear!

  • The start game plunge music for Robo Cop
  • The ARRRRGH callout from museum multiball in Demo man
  • When you get a grace period jackpot in Demo man and Sly says “close enough”
  • When you get a half ramp in Demo man and Sly says “Oh No!”
  • Congo “HIPPO”
  • So many callouts in Dirty Harry and music
  • multiball music in high speed
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This but Homer saying “holy crap!” after getting a massive end-of-ball bonus (like 10M+).


  • All the callouts on Addams Family
  • “Lock is Lit and so am I” callout in Cactus Canyon
  • In Deadpool, whenever you beat a mode, announcer says “Deadpool Wins!” which Deadpool says “Now say I’m the greatest!” for the announcer just says “No!”
  • “Quick playing with the clock!” callout in Funhouse
  • The Dalek scream in Dr. Who
  • The Multiball music from F14 Tomcat
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TRS coin drop sound (first two guitar chords for Brown Sugar)
AFM touch a flipper button in attract mode… YOUR SHOE IS UNTIED!
AFM The metallic thunk when you make a successful scoop shot. Best sounding scoop ever.
AC/DC Oh shit! You tilted!
Most every opening line in Family Guy. Never watched the show, love the crude humor to start every game.

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The walking dead tilt warming sound.


I kinda prefer the Daily Bugle scoop on Venom over stroke of luck on AFM but both are pretty damn satisfying to nail.

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Ripping the lit spinner on Black Knight, and having the increasing-pitch sound effect wrap “over the top” producing the amazing and oh so satisfying “Whaa whaaa whaa” sound at the end. That’s the best thing.


I was split between that, or the lit spinners on Flash Gordon and Sorcerer, and the former barely won out.

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