Best Callouts


IM “For your consideration… The Jericho”

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“Play Better” - SpiderMan

Rudy’s jackpot scream in FunHouse delights me every time!

My favorite here is stolen from TJ Beyer (of CA Extreme fame among other things), from Baywatch:

“Shark’s got a … helicopter!”

“You wanna play, you gotta pay!”

Funniest I ever heard…
They stole our pinball machine on MM.

Some guy was playing Metallica on location near me Friday night and he turned around and said, “did it actually say that?” :slight_smile:

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“Stupid failure” from Simpsons.

The wicked witch has a lot of good ones in WOz - “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the pinball game.” I thought Jersey Jack could’ve funded their whole production run if they had sold t-shirts of those.

Just took possession of TWD and added the custom call outs. One of the best has to be the call out that occasionally pops up at the end of your game:
“Take your stupid hat and go back to On Golden Pond.” Ouch!

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Conversely, regarding worst callouts… At league last week, someone made the astute observation on ST (Stern): “Why is a Klingon voice ridiculously excited that you just scored a Double Super Jackpot? You just blew up all of his ships.”


They love it when things get blow’d up real good

Because Attack from Mars.

Once during an important game of AFM I had Martian Attack going with only the ‘I’ target next to the scoop left to start Martian multiball. I kept bricking it somehow, hitting the ship, and then at one point I missed it and it went into the scoop instead, and a martian yelled “HAHA MISSED ME!!” and I was just like… dang, that’s some sweet programming


There’s a good callout when you hit the same target five times in a row during Martian Multiball too. #challenge

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For a real challenge, try hitting the same target ten times in a row during Martian Multiball. It rocks.


Then do it to all 4 target banks and see what happens…


You lie! … Right??

After those crazy jelly monster finger puppets in Scared Stiff stop jumping up and down Dracula says “Thank you, boys”. It is understated, it is ridiculous & it gives those things real personality. I love it!

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Cactus Canyon - “Lock is lit… and so am I!”

I’ve only gotten it once, it’s possible to make “Get the extra ball!” and “It, old man!” overlap in a way that sounds like “GET THE EGGS, OLD MAN!”