Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships


NYCPC 2019:

“Come for The Storm, stay for the pinball”


Hotel room update: The event hotel (Skyline) is sold out of our room block, but we’ve got a wonderful overflow hotel, the Evelyn boutique hotel on 27th st near Broadway. 30 minute walk or quick cab or subway ride up to Hell’s Kitchen for the New York City Pinball Championships. This is a smaller hotel so we only a handful of rooms available. Book now!


Just wanted to put out there that I have a room at the Skyline reserved and I’m looking for someone to split with.


Our volunteer for Front of House and Scorekeeping signup is open! Volunteer your time and win exclusive qualifying time, entry fee credits ($20 a shift), as well as the respect and admiration of your peers. Join they NYCPC 2019 team!


Day Show Tickets Available for New York City Pinball Championships
Showgoers Can Play Free Pinball all Weekend Long While Taking in Championship Pinball, Live Music

(New York, NY) - Never Beef Productions is excited to announce that daily and weekend show passes are now available for the New York City Pinball Championships, being held May 17-19 at the at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. These tickets are for non-tournament competitors who want to witness the growing eSport of world-class championship pinball, play free pinball all weekend on our top-notch bank of over a dozen tournament-quality pinball machines, take in live music, and soak in the grandeur that is the largest pinball tournament on the East Coast.
Tickets range from $25-60 for day and weekend passes and can be purchased at A limited amount of these tickets are available.


Just a note - people will need to have a tournament ticket or day/weekend pass to be granted entry to NYCPC 2019.


Are press passes being given out to podcasters? Asking for a friend


I still need somewhere to crash on Sunday night… anybody have any space for me? :smiley:


Depends on the podcast I suppose. Have your friend reach out to us.


I highly doubt it if it was “he who shall not be named”. LOL


I thought I’d share this awesome official New York City Council Citation we’ve received honoring NYCPC, and celebrating pinball itself. Nobody cares about competitive pinball…EXCEPT THE GREATEST DAMN CITY ON EARTH!

City Council Citation

Whereas, New York City welcomes the 2nd Annual New York City Pinball Championships, a sporting event like none other featuring some of the fiercest pinball competitors from around the globe; and

Whereas, the magic of pinball has captivated generations of players. Far more than a simple game of lights, music, and sound effects, pinball has distinguished itself as an exciting, flipping-and-frenzied game of luck and superior skill. Pinball is also a reflection of some of the most beloved and recognizable popular cultural themes ever, including The Wizard of Oz, The Simpsons, Star Wars, The Addams Family, and the Hobbit; and

Whereas from the super-retro to the ultra-modern, pinball games, like life itself, are unpredictable. The key is giving it your all to keep the shiny ball in play; now, therefore

_Be it known , that I, Corey Johnson, the Speaker of the New York City Council and the Council Representative for District 3, proudly honor the _

_2nd Annual New York City Pinball Championships _

for supporting the burgeoning field of competitive pinball, and for marking 43 years of high-spirited pinball action.

We are looking forward to next week and extremely busy ironing out the final details and building upon our event from last year. We are also happy to announce G Fuel has stepped up their schwag game and every registered player and weekend pass buyer will get an awesome bag with a cap, WWE shaker cup (luck of the draw, WOOOOO!), and stick packs. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Thanks Levi. So excited for next week. Any word on the game lineups?


Not till next week.

Be assured the games will all be awesome!


I am betting on some Deadpool just to get more “BOOM” action!


That’s awesome !


As we continue to attempt to elevate the tenor of pro pinball and its attendant multimedia presentation, all guest commentators at NYCPC 2019 will be asked don these fresh and stylish Never Beef Productions blazers. The burgundy is coincidentally similar to those of a popular Will Ferrel movie, and less coincidentally related to my favorite football team. Modeled here by NBP partner Paul Caras.

In addition we’ll be posting these guidelines as suggestions for our hand-picked commentary teams.

Let’s do this!!!

NYCPC Commentary Booth Staffing:

PLEASE do not join the booth without first checking in with a NYCPC representative. Most time slots will be staffed by NYCPC-appointed teams.

All commentators should don a burgundy “NBP” Blazer when in the booth.

Commentary Notes:

Please consider the following guidelines. These are rough guidelines and suggestions, your individualism is appreciated and important.

-This is a “PG-13” rated booth. Colorful language is acceptable if not excessive or out of context.

-Please steer clear of racial or blatant sexual humor/language

-Try to focus on the action at hand and what the players are doing.

-Listen to your boothmates and provide them with space.

-Do not dwell on complicated descriptions of rulesets. Point out simple things, and things as they happen, and things a step away, but it’s not important to go over an entire ruleset before and during every game. People will get the hang of it if you are engaging.

-Remember that you aren’t playing, and your personal strategies and experiences are not the focus. It’s ok to point out possible strats or potential scoring opportunities but focus on what the player IS doing, not what they are not or “should be” doing. Feel free to question players’ strats and mindsets but don’t dwell on them.

-Try not to start any story that you can’t finish within 20 seconds or so. If you are in the middle of a story, anecdote, or description, break away immediately if important on-the-field action occurs.

-Have fun! Your interest and excitement carries over to the audience.


So subtle sexual content/humor is OK?
It’s your event and stream, but I recommend commentary stay away from ALL sexual content/humor.


Appreciate the feedback, thanks!


Happy to announce that due to last minute drop outs and final accounting of space, ticketing is or will soon be open to all comers. Very limited availability.

Tickets are available at


Dahlia Rowan Memorial Women’s

High speed 2
Dipsey Doodle
Stern Spider Man