Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships



Target Pool
Satin Doll


Backhand Pinball on Twitch will be streaming all finals over the weekend, as well as some qualifying Friday night!

The Blazers are finished and looking sharp. We’ve been working on our booth guidelines!

NYCPC Commentary Booth Staffing:

PLEASE do not join the booth without first checking in with a NYCPC representative. Most time slots will be staffed by NYCPC-appointed teams.

All commentators should don a burgundy “NBP” Blazer when in the booth.

Commentary Notes:

Please consider the following guidelines. These are rough guidelines and suggestions, your individualism is appreciated and important.

-This is a “PG-13” rated booth. Colorful language is acceptable if not excessive or out of context.

-Please steer clear of racial or crude humor.

-Try to focus on the action at hand and what the players are doing.

-Listen to your boothmates and provide them with space.

-Do not dwell on complicated descriptions of rulesets. Point out simple things, and things as they happen, and things a step away, but it’s not important to go over an entire ruleset before and during every game. People will get the hang of it if you are engaging.

-Remember that you aren’t playing, and your personal strategies and experiences are not the focus. It’s ok to point out possible strats or potential scoring opportunities but focus on what the player IS doing, not what they are not or “should be” doing. Feel free to question players’ strats and mindsets but don’t dwell on them.

-Try not to start any story that you can’t finish within 20 seconds or so. If you are in the middle of a story, anecdote, or description, break away immediately if important on-the-field action occurs.

-Discussing odds or “favorites” among the players in the field is fine, but please refrain from plugging or referring to any specific wagering or gaming web sites.

-Have fun! Your interest, enthusiasm and excitement carries over to the audience.


You asked for it (over and over and over!!) and here it is!! (finally)! And it F’n rules!

Your tentative Pingraffix Main Division Bank! :

Walking Dead
Flash Gordon
Dialed In
Stern Rolling Stones
Alien Star
Cosmic Gunfight
8 (power?) Ball
Black Knight 3


Great lineup! Wish I was going


Our tentative streaming schedule at Backhand Pinball on twitch:

Friday, May 17:
9pm-midnight: Hot qualifying action

Satuday May 18:
3pm-4:30 pm: Qualifying action
5pm-9pm: Classics finals
9pm-10pm: The KNobs/ Sean “the Storm” Grant
10pm-midnight: Women’s Finals

Sunday May 19:
10am-5pm: Main Finals


I may have missed it on the website, but do we have an option to pre-purchase entries?




Its the absolute worst to be attending an NYC pinball tournament on a Friday evening from NJ. I’ve been in traffic for 2 hrs and counting, sigh. Hopefully I’ll get there by 8pm???


Hop on a train!


Hope you guys are having fun.

More to come tomorrow.


Just the qualifying stream last night was one of the best competition streams I’ve seen in a long, long time. Kudos to the NYCPC crew and looking forward to the next two days of coverage!

Favorite Levi quote so far, as Keith steps up to Alien Star in the last hour of Friday qualifying. “Now for some hot hairy GOAT action”.


Women’s finals were very exciting! Nice job commentators.


That sounds disgusting.


Hats off to everyone involved. Very probably the most entertaining sets of matches I’ve seen streamed to date, and the production value on top was just the icing on the cake.

It looked to me like there was just one guy running around getting cameras set-up, entering titles, running adverts, transitions and so on? If that truly was the case then that guy deserves a huge pat on the back. Honestly I’m a little amazed at how slick it was if it was just one guy doing all that.

Well done everyone, and thanks for all the work.


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Always appreciate Sean Grant in the booth! He actually focuses on all the little things happening that make the game fun to watch.


I deleted some posts in this thread. Constructive feedback about streams and events is welcome, but our Code of Conduct says that feedback should be offered respectfully. Please focus on criticizing ideas, not people.


With regards to that, NYCPC is a show like no other and now that I’m on the inside looking out, being there in person (let alone being in a broadcast match or qualifying game) is electric. The commentary may be not what we usually see in pinball (and I didn’t hear anything out of line in the Classics I watched), but damned if it isn’t infectious.

“Good luck, have fun, make Levi yell his head off” was my go to in Classics :slight_smile:


Absolutely was just the one guy behind Backhandpinball! I thanked him for all his hard work with the production.