Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships


Contact: Levi Nayman -
(917) 209-8523

Bigger and Better NYC Pinball Championships Return in 2019
Upgrades Include Larger Venue, More Competitors, Free Play Bank for Spectators

(New York, NY) - Never Beef Productions is proud to announce that the New York City Pinball Championships 2019 will take place on May 17-19 at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, building upon the success of last year’s inaugural event by doubling in size and adding numerous upgrades and attractions. NYCPC 2019, which will take place in the Skyline’s Grand Ballroom, will feature a free play bank for spectators, competitors, and all fans of the silver ball.
The tournaments will include International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA)-sanctioned Open, Classics, and the inaugural Dahlia Rowan Memorial Women’s NYC Championship, as well as a B-Division contest for players ranked outside of the top 500 by the IFPA. The B-Division will feature cash payouts in 2019.
Registration for the tournament opens on Saturday, January 26 at 10 am EST, at Eventbrite. In addition, a limited amount of discounted hotel rooms will be available through the Skyline Hotel. Visit for links. Day passes will be available at a later date for those who want to watch the tournament and play pinball, rather than compete in the tournaments.
NYCPC 2019 will also feature improved production and a live musical performance by legendary New York City pinball pro and rapper Sean “The Storm” Grant. Players will compete for a wide range of cash and prizes on diverse banks of pinball machines provided by some of the area’s top retailers, operators, distributors, private collectors, and pinball machine manufacturers. Never Beef Productions was founded in 2018 and consists of competitive pinball players Paul Caras, Levi Nayman, Tim Sexton, and Austin Smith to produce NYCPC as well as other pinball-related projects. “Our vision of bringing world-class competitive pinball back to NYC for the first time since the 1990s was realized last year, and we can’t wait to see this event grow into something even more spectacular,” said Levi Nayman of Never Beef Productions. “This year will see the number of players double in size, a larger venue, a large free play bank, live music, and awesome production values that once again raise the bar for pinball tournaments. Competitive pinball continues to grow and we are thrilled to be a part of pushing this fantastic sport forward!” Last year’s New York City Pinball Champion was Bowen Kerins, currently ranked 7th in the World Pinball Player Rankings.

What: New York City Pinball Championships
Where: Skyline Hotel – 725 10th Ave. @ 49th St., New York, New York.
When: May 17-19, 2019.
How: Tickets for sale January 26 at 10 am EST. Visit for details.


That promo video is fantastic


How do the taxes work for NYC and state? If I win $2k do you have to withhold x% so I only have $2k- x% for my return expenses?


YES!!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this announcement. Will the hotel block be released at the same time as the tickets or can I book now? There wasn’t a link on the website…


Hotel block we are working on right now, no date yet sorry!


@timballs So stoked to go to this again. One thing I noticed is in the trailer and your announcement above it says tickets go on sale Saturday, January 26th at 10 am EST, but the ticket sale link on the site says:

" Not Yet On Sale

Sales for this event haven’t started yet! Sales start on Jan 26 at 9:00 AM"

I assume this is an oversight somewhere and it is 10 am, but wanted to confirm?


I’ll make sure it’s at 10:00 AM EST. I assumed it was local time and didn’t know how to check. Thanks!


Last year there was a player cap. Will there be a player cap again this year and if so what will that number be?

Sidebar - When you visit this URL and click on Tournament rules, its taking you to the 2018 rules which still has the 2018 schedule and pricing listed.


Where’s the GFuel? Are they still a headline sponsor? It will not be the same without the G


Excellent question!

Fear not…we still expect to partner with G Fuel for this event.

But there’s plenty of room for everybody. Looking forward to speaking with other potential sponsors soon.


Just registered. See y’all there.


Got my ticket, still waiting on the room block. Any word on that?


Link just added here:


What’s the refund policy


Well, I really wanted to do NYCPC this year, but I have decided not to. $266/night, plus flights for me would be over $500, plus Uber/Lyft rides, plus $55 for registration, plus pump n dump entries, plus food, etc. I’m shooting for Pinburgh instead. I haven’t been to Pinburgh in 3 years.


See you there!


Full Refunds can be issued up until April 15th. Following April 15th, refunds will only be issued if your tournament registration can be replaced by someone on the waitlist.

This will be added to the full tournament rules for 2019


Hey ya gotta
Spend money to make money!

Sorry we aren’t seeing you this time maybe next year!


I’m starting to think the same thing… unless something significant happens that changes my disposal income, it’s going to be really hard to be able to do this. $55 just to get in the door with no entries seems rough, then with the crazy high room rates and a $350+ flight requiring taking two or three days off work it’s just not really motivating me. I do want to go, but it’s going to be hard especially with the $900 Italy flight this year…

I really do hope I somehow can go though because the event itself was pretty solid!


Happy to be going again. It only being a 3 hr train ride round trip for $100 is a big factor. I’ll admit the hotel is a bit pricey; but last thing I want to do is add a commute on top of playing all day. Re: Uber fees, NYC has the best public transit network in America, no way I’m taking an Uber.

Whenever I travel for pinball it ends up being $1000 usually. Pinburgh is about that. It stinks but that’s just the way it is; people who have lots of money and lots of time off can go to lots of big events.