Announcing the 2019 NYC Pinball Championships

When I was doing the science fiction convention circuit, we always had our metro-NY events in NJ, usual someplace like Hasbrouck Heights, although there are other choices. Half the hotel rates, even in the spring, close enough to Newark airport and train station to be workable and big enough for a large group. Maybe they could look into someplace like that for future years? I and some other left coasters might come, too, then.


Then it’s the NJPC


Well CLEPIN is in Independence, not Cleveland, but does it matter? Really just marketing at that point. SFO, NYC and other cities have become ridiculously expensive and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get better anytime soon.


Well, let’s keep score here: “Chicago’s” Expo is miles from the city in Wheeling, our INDISC is far from LA in Banning [we do say, “Southern California,” not LA; nobody seems to care that we’re not in LA / Hollywood], TPF is in Frisco 25 or 30 miles north of downtown Dallas, neither the NW Show nor the NW Championship is in Seattle, SGFE is in suburban Atlanta … need I go on? The cost advantages of being in an outlying area have clearly won in a majority of cases. Frankly, I liked the location of the old PPE’s in Marin County better than City Champ’s site in SF, too. I can deal with it being technically in New Jersey; maybe that only matters to NYC locals? Is it really that big a deal that the Giants and Jets play at the Meadowlands? We don’t call them the “Jersey Giants”. If the football folks can tolerate a technicality ….


I like visiting the downtown areas of major cities. Part of why pinburgh is cool is you spend a weekend really getting the gist of the area. Staying a couple miles up the road and then “commuting” to the convention center, and then figuring out all the walkable food options, that’s part of the fun of the tournament.
And for New Yorkers, the appeal is having our cake and eating it too. We get to have a little bit of everything out here, so why not a sweet tournament we can ride the subway to? It’s more than just running a pump and dump in a hotel ballroom, which obviously you can do in any city, it’s about making a fantasy a reality. Obviously I can’t speak for the never beef crew, but this is how it feels to me to have it within nyc proper.


For the rooms, cant you fit a few people in them and split the cost?


Only 20 tickets left this morning. Thanks for the great response folks!

Now let’s sell this thing out so we don’t have to move it out to jersey!

We would hope that the up front costs of attending don’t discourage people from coming. While NYC costs are always going to be higher than tournaments in many other places, the room rate of $209 + taxes is in fact the cheapest you’ll get a nice room in this location in May, The skyline has done a great job of locking in affordable rates for us and providing a location option that makes this tournament feasible at all.

Cheaper options would be to stay in jersey and commute back and forth by train if people really want to save money, and of course we’ve always known pinball players to be resourceful when it comes to packing people into a room. There’s always ways to get it done.

We spend so many weekends each year playing pinball in nondescript hotel breakout rooms in suburban locations - the idea behind NYCPC is to offer players and their families something different, and an opportunity to enjoy an NYC vacation and a world-class tournament at the same time.

And, we strive to make this event - from a payout, trophy, and production and entertainment standpoint - something where people are getting their money’s worth. Every dollar we receive goes into the production and tournament, and just as last year, we are all taking a major risk and digging deep into our own pockets to put this thing on and do it in a way that is true to our vision and ambition.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible as we continue to grow this event and push competitive pinball forward.


And I will add that Levi is the best pinball MC I have ever heard.

Come hear him at the NYCPC



You in, Ron?

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Does this mean “Custom” Ron is coming?!

And maybe bringing a game or two?

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He should have plenty of free time without all that podcast recording and editing to do. Am I right Bruce? LOL


I’m travelling from London for this gig. Knowing Levi and Tim and the folks that run the league at sunshine and what a great crew it is - I wanted to support their event last year as having a major tournament in New York is just more of what I think we need in pinball. I was so glad that I did; I had a blast of a weekend and me and the wife went sightseeing too. Huge amount to do in NYC. Levi kindly gave me one of the posters from the NYCPC and it proudly hangs in my pinball room.

I hoped that they would do another one and I was really glad to see the announcement. Got tickets pronto and can’t wait for this.

I’m trying to set something up in London along the same format but holy shit its hard to do it in an affordable way and my hats off to the never beef folks for pulling this off; in probably the hardest environment you could know.

Use it or lose it!


Playas so far:

Tyler Aas

Matthew Achterberg

Jade Ang

Eamon Balouch

Dan Beals

Thomas Benevento

Ron Benoit

Jerry Bernard

Lewis Bevans

Phil Birnbaum

Sunshine Bon

Steven Bowden

David Butcher

Robert Byers

Christopher Cafaro

Adam Cane

Matthew Carlson

Dana Carvey

Mark Carvey

Nancy Chandross

Chris Chow

James Chupka

Joe Ciaravino

carl comegys

Andy Cushman

robert dancu

Geoffrey Danek

Raymond Davidson

Justin Day

Nick Delehanty

Brad DeShong

Spencer DesRoches

Nicholas Destefano

Christopher Dirga

Howard Dobson

Julie Dorssers

Jacob Duijnhouwer

Jon Ehrlich

Penni Epstein

Tom Farkas

Greg Fertel

Michael Field

Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon

Steven Flynn

Sean Ford

Mark Foy

Peter Franck

Anthony Frasca

Anna Frenkel

Benjamin Furiga

Nitzan Gabai

Alan Gamboa

Edward Giardina

Dejan Golja

Robert Gonyo

Sandy Graver

Kristen Gregory

Stephanie Guida

Ron Hallett

Robyn Harrison

Ian Harrower

Nathan Hart

Gary Hartz

Joonas Haverinen

Matt Haveron

Jake Heinrichs

Lucas Herter

Adam Higgins

Brandon Hoffman

Nint Hoo

Harry Jackson

Jeffrey Jones

Ryan Jurado

Aleksander Kaczmarczyk

Connor Kalista

Joe Katz

stephen keeler

Elliott Keith

Bowen Kerins

Adam Kiesler

Nicholas Kiser

Carolyn Knorst

Thomas Knorst

Leslie Kozloski

Ken LaPointe

Timothy Lawrence

ted leibowitz

Joseph lemire

Tommy Loranger

Peace Nick Mann

Wyndham Manning

David Markland

Steve Marsh

John Martin

Kaite Martin

Jason Mawson

Ron Maxwell

Duncan McFarlane

Steven McGinn

John McGregor

Adam McKinnie

Amanda McRae

Neil McRae

Bob Merlo

Derek Miazga

Thomas Milburn

Koi Morris

Craig Morse

Elizabeth Morse

Hans Musser

Jerry Musser

Anna Neal

Lucas Nelson

Bruce Nightingale

Chris Nosiglia

Uchendu Nwachuku

Tammy Oler

Marianne Pangia

Mike Pantino

Alysa Parks

Zachary Parks

David Peller

Perttu Pesa

Jake Peterson

Jason Plourde

John Pohanka

Michael Polisky

Seth Porges

Greg Poverelli

Jeff Prunier

Matt Quintanilla

Anthony Radzicki

Lindsey Rhoades

Ron Richards

Gloria Richardson

Woody Richman

Adam Robinson

Eric Russell

Mats Sahlberg

Alberto Santana

David Schumeister

Adam Schwartz

Joshua Senzer

Sanjay Shah

Lyman Sheats

CJ Smith

Boris Soriano

Megan Sprague

Cryss Stephens

Donavan Stepp

Jay Sterkel

Kevin Stone

Connor Stowe

Olle Strandh

Juana Summers

Paul Sundue

Jim Swain

Erik Swedlund

Jack Tadman

Neil Tapper

Jeff Teolis

Sam Thompson

Stephanie Traub

Weston Ulfig

Timothy Varney

Jane Verwys

Matt Wall

Helena Walter Higgins

Jessica Warren

Kenny Weiner

Jason Weisfuse

Jason Werdrick

Courtney Wetzel

Heather Willensky

Jeremy Wilson

Scott Wilson

Anna Wolk

Si Qi Yao

Peter Yorgin

Jason Zahler

Steven Zahler

Edward Zeltman

Nick Zendejas

Morgan Zilm

Zen Zochniak


Fixed it for you. :wink:

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looking forward to it! had a good time last year. tourney was well ran for a first time setup so I’d imagine it can only get better. Glad its in a bigger room even with losing the view.


Wow, currently 3 spots remaining. Congrats guys!

Hey, I was playing Deadpool today and one of the first thoughts I had was “Man, if there was ONE game that NYCPC has to have, it’s Deadpool”. Boom! I can here Levi now…:sunglasses:

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Wow… we are SOLD OUT and that opens up the waitlist. If a spot frees up on the waitlist you will be sent an email and will have 24 hours to claim a spot.


So the format is herb, but players are limited? Is that just due to space issues?

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I’ll let Timballs field this one. I’m just the “Ja Rule” of this organization.

But yeah. Space and machines at a certain point letting more people in just adds to the lines and doesn’t add anything to the pot, right?

There are others who will be in attendance but aren’t on the list yet, such as Sean “The Storm” Grant - we had to hold some spots back for comps, game contributors, and other production talent!


We have had to put limits in place both last and this year to make the event as best we can with the space we’ve signed up for. Last year our expectations for players were lower than how many we actually had signed up by March when we instituted the cap. We can use the demand to assess how much space we need and can afford for the future NYCPC tournaments.