Aerosmith Rulesheet


Those were my observations on Aerosmith as well.


Yeah, that’s correct. We used it for an Herb qualifying tournament recently. It was pretty much stack a 6-ball MB with Sweet Emotion or void and requeue.


How many Elevator supers does it take to light the insert solid?

When super targets is running, is there any indication of the yellow arrow insert progress during multiball to light a shot multiplier / mystery?


Display should show which letters are collected in a similar fashion/location to GotG’s mystery progression - I’ll verify when I’m not at work.


I haven’t done it many times, but in my experience it was just one Elevator super to light the Love in an Elevator insert solid. It’s also possible that I did it most recently before the most up-to-date code was installed. I’m guessing you’re asking the question because you got at least one Elevator Super but the insert didn’t go solid…


I hit 2 Elevator jackpots and I’m pretty sure the insert was still flashing, but then I double drained to end the game so I didn’t get a good look at it. Usually I don’t care much about EMB because the value is pretty weak, but I was really close to Final Tour and wanted to finish it off.


It takes a single Super to light the insert solid.

To light the super (on a pro)
Hit any playfield shot, all the shots go out except the elevator,
Hit the elevator, then all shots not previously lit relight,
Repeat until all (8) shots have been made, followed by the elevator.
Finally hit the elevator to collect the super and light the insert solid.

Progress is held between Elevator MBs, but the super jackpot score is reduced the more MBs it takes you.


Okay, I definitely didn’t realize the super was that deep into the multiball. I wasn’t even close! I’ll play it more conservatively next time. Thanks


Yup. Depending on the pin set up, Elevator SJP is a challenging feat — it can be difficult just getting to EMB on some AS pins, depending on luck/feed from pops.

I wish Stern would increase the value of EMB JP — and by the nature of SJP being sum total of JP’s, the SJP would increase as well — to make EMB a more viable strategy in competitive play. Since there’s no chance for MB-specific PFx on EMB (like there is inn toys MB), EMB payoff usually isn’t worth the risk.


The one I play on location is pretty brutal with right orbit shots and auto-launches. A clean shot to the right orbit will whip around without touching any pops, and unless you have some warnings left, it’s an unsaveable center drain. I’ve seen casuals walk up to the game, full plunge for an immediate drain then the auto-launch does the same thing and they’re just like :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

So with that said, I’m really only shooting the right orbit when absolutely necessary, and trying to pick up right orbit shots with soft plunges when possible (thankfully physical locks are on). I really only make an effort for Elevator MB when it’s the last thing I need for Medley, or in this case, Final Tour. What’s even worse is failing to finish EMB and having to requalify all those locks again.


My usual strategy for home-play (with EMB set to normal - 1 lock already lit, need to qualify remaining locks by a shot to each loop) is:

Choose one of the modes which completes on time out first (Rats, Saddle & Walk). During this time concentrate on locking 4 balls in the Toy Box, and lighting Elevator locks.

As soon as the mode completes choose either the 2nd of one of the time-complete modes if still a fair way to complete, or, if close to starting Elevator choose either Dude or Song and Dance. Mainly because if you get the CIU and start MB it’s virtually guaranteed to complete, if not - at least it remembers progress.

If after coming out of EMB I haven’t completed it I’ll always choose Last Child. Simply because the loops are required to complete the song and relight EMB. (I’ll not go for CIU on this so that I can get the benefit of knocking off a couple of shots on the ramps.)

I’ll then go for Toy MB with Sweet Emotion, neither of which remember progress - but still need completing to light solid.

Assuming all of the modes I’ve chosen have been completed I’ll then knock off the other modes which saves memory, and work towards MBs if needed.

I always save one of the time-out modes as the last mode I tackle. I don’t want to start Medley mini Wizard as it’s rubbish and worth few points.

Once all bar one are lit solid I’ll then take the last mode and shoot scoop again to start Medley. (You can also keep 4 balls in the toy box to get a 6-ball Medley, as you would for EMB).

By the time Medley is over, (usually fairly quickly as the first 2 modes you need to complete to move on involve hitting the standups and toy box so it’s virtually impossible to trap up and play controlled) it’s time to shoot for Final Tour where the BIG points are.

I’ve collected a single shot to finish Final Tour worth 1.2 Billion (scoop multiplied and hit as a combo), out of a final score of 1.8 Billion.
Until the code changes, I can’t imagine anyway of achieving a similar score without reaching Final Tour. I’ve tried maxing out ramps on WTW, but ALL of the highscore table is filled with games where FT MB has been reached.


Agree 100%. My 1B+ scores all came from Final Tour / Cybertron games.


Does anyone know why Elevator Multiball is so ridiculously worthless points-wise? I mean, it’s a really tough challenge to get to floor seven, but damn I should at least be getting points while I’m doing it!


The score diminishes, if you need to take more than a single attempt to complete it.
I’ve had over 60mil from a successful completion, although I do use it more as an attempt to either complete a mode, or time out a mode.


I agree. While you can set up some fairly decent scoring by locking in a shot multiplier on the Elevator, and shooting each Elevator JP as a combo – as well as the penultimate SJP as a combo on a shot multiplier… this same logic for multiplying the shot value applies to EVERY jackpot in Toys and big mode shots. And Toys has the big benefit of timed PFx + detained balls opportunity. Plus, Elevator MB is difficult and risky to qualify (looking at you, pops). Reward is certainly not worth the risk.


How do you light the mystery award at the scoop? Sorry if I missed it written elsewhere!

Is it the same targets you hit for lighting the playfield multiplier?



Yes. Spell aerosmith


Added info about the song modes (still need some help on specifics for Rats in the Cellar & Same Old Song and Dance.)


Currently working on 1.06 rules update.


And it’s massive! Lot’s of good stuff included in this code update.