Aerosmith Rulesheet


Looking forward to reading the Cole’s notes. As someone with only moderate familiarity with Aerosmith I gave up reading the changelog part way through because I didn’t really think I was understanding the strategic impact of the changes.

  • All of the mode award full playfield lightshows have been reworked to remove
    the “shot arrow” lamps, if necessary, from the award presentation. This was
    done so that, upon making a shot, the resulting full playfield award
    lightshow doesn’t obstruct the remaining shots that are available. In turn,
    this allows the player to quickly see what shots to aim for next.
  • Reworked mode award lightshow presentations to be faster.

I found this to be an incredibly annoying quirk of Aerosmith (I think Guardians suffers (suffered?) from the same issue). Hit a mode shot, game briefly glitches out with lights and takes way too long to light up next shots. Looking forward to trying it out.


Couple quick comments on the new code- Don’t trust the ball save light during multiball. One of my pet peeves is when games flash the ball save only for it not to really be on. i notice AS is doing this a lot during multiball. Another issue i’ve noticed is ill have played through modes- lit them solid and then when its time to play medley multiball it will say they are incomplete , not award the bonus points and make you qualify them during Medley. Its not a big deal but its a little frustrating. Overall the new code is great.


I’ve noticed this as well, although I think it only relates to those modes you can time out (Rats, Saddle and Walk).
Saddle isn’t a problem to complete in Medley, you just let the plunged balls hit a few pops then drain and the autosave plunges the ball straight back to the pops. :grinning:

Overall I think that the changes have made the game significantly easier, and no real benefit to completing modes to progress to Final Tour as completing them in Medley is so easy.
the 200mil for completing them all before Medley is not an incentive, as if you have shot multipliers lit you can earn more than 200mil for completing the modes.


From the changelog:

Added a difficulty rule/adjustment to Medley Multiball, default = Hard. To
start Medley Multiball you must collect at least 1 award from every
mode/multiball. 3 Modes (Walk this Way, Back in the Saddle & Rats in the Cellar)
are marked as completed if you drain the ball while the mode is “Cranked Up”.
At the start of Medley Multiball the game can decide to give you progress
towards these 3 modes that were auto completed. The “Easy” setting allows
the mode to be skipped during Medley Multiball, the “Hard” setting requires
the player to play this mode during Medley Multiball.


WTF- I finally completed “final tour” and instead of showing “Boston” (assuming it is the final city) it goes right to the final tour super jackpot animation. I’m blaming Timballs and his NY bias for this obvious snub!


Well, forget Same Old Song and Dance in competition. I picked it in league the other night and the code had just been updated. Hit the shot, got the Crank it Up, hit one yellow stand-up and drained. Less than 1 million. Worst part is I was now locked into the mode for ball 2. Finished the game with a paltry 20M…


Yeah, i was wondering how much the Same Old CIU Targets had been nerfed. Haven’t had a chance to play the new code yet.


Are the Super Targets from completing it worthwhile, or is it just all around not worth much? The notes mentioned the Super Targets were buffed.


From an ordinary tournament stand point- i’d say toybox multiball (preferably 6 ball) with sweet emotion running is still the best strategy. starting all the easy super modes with it are good too (Rats, Back in the saddle, Walk this way). One minor cheat i discovered is if you hold in the left flipper button and tap the plunger so the ball rolls off the inlane switch it will light up the shot that the skill shot is going to be on. you can then decide if its worth going for or try to plunge the lock shot for a smart missile. If you’re looking for a quick 20m score- Rats might be your best choice now. every lit shot increases the value of the next shot. It can get pretty lucrative. Elite players will probably play for Melody mutlball. Scores sky rocket once you get into it and go entirely crazy if you can get to final tour.


I’d say the multiballs are now really open for mode stacking. Sweet Emotion, Child, and Walk are all obvious choices with Song and Dance and Dude also having their uses. Rats and Saddle seem to be survival modes - just get through them since they’re less impactful and easy to complete.


Finally got to play the new code… the Super Targets are buffed… big time. 100x more valuable than before! I played the mode on two separate games, and each time, my super targets were worth 2.1M per target. They used to be worth 20,000, if I’m not mistaken.

Granted, this is offset by the CIU targets of Same Old not being worth nearly as much. I didn’t have a co-pilot to pay attention to values, but when I’d finished Same Old as my first song, my score was nowhere close to the usual mid-20M to low-30M that it used to be under old code. But you’re getting around 20M from the Super Targets.

I’d call it a wash.


Did some formatting to the Wiki to make it easier to read, and to find aspects of gameplay.

Also, updated information based on the one time I played Sea of Medley Multiball.