Aerosmith Rulesheet


No you can’t…Least not till next update :wink: Superlanes are always 2mil


Are loops also fixed? I’m wondering what is and what isn’t fixed right now.


There’s a little wiggle room in loop value I think due to getting shots off of combos being worth more coins. It’s not extremely significant, though.

I had a game recently where I scored 262M in Rats, then triple-drained out of a multiball. I had 20 seconds left on the timer as well. :frowning: Even worse since I drained out I didn’t get my super spinner, which I’m assuming would’ve been worth something talking about after 262M in mode points.

I also wonder if crank it up spinner and bumpers actually do anything during those modes (rats and saddle I think it is - the purple one).




Just got 177m rats. Didn’t see what super spinner was.


How exactly are you scoring huge on Rats?


Playing it during a 6-ball toybox. You get MORE shots lit as you go in that one, so it becomes easier and easier to score. Combine many shots lit with many of them being combo’d, and it apparently just shot right up.


Sorry if the answer is buried anywhere but is there a cheater shot (like in tron) to complete mini wizard mode?


Please expand on the Tron cheater shot? Haven’t heard this before.





In SoS to proceed to Portal you have to complete all of the modes that you had lit but still blinking. Instead of hitting their real shots to complete them (such as Gem), you can (correct me if I’m wrong) go up the right orbit, up the right ramp with the upper flipper, then into the scoop to complete the mode.


Whoa. I’m testing this as soon as I get home.


It’ll advance one shot for the current mode, not automatically complete the entire mode (unless it’s a one-shot mode of course)


Don’t you also only have to hit the right orbit to light Flynn’s Arcade? I don’t think you have to hit the side ramp as well.


This is correct.


Like GEM. Or saving it for the GEM shot in the Light Cycle phase of SOS.


Random observation of a fact that I may be wrong about. Does your third Toy Box multiball have to be at least a 4-ball? I was at the razor’s edge of a game where I was just about to get a third lock for my third TBMB, eventually got that lock, but it just unceremoniously counted my 3rd lock as if I needed to get a fourth. And then of course I drained before getting that 4th lock.

If it helps with the observation, my first TBMB that game was 6-ball, and my second was 3-ball.


If it’s like Mustang*, you won’t be able to play a 3-ball MB if you’ve already played one and you’ll have to start one with a different number of balls until you do one of each.

*I have no idea if it’s like Mustang.


It’s not quite like Mustang in that aspect. Your first MB can be 3 ball as well as your 2nd MB. Not sure if the 3rd MB requires 4 locks.


I wish that Aerosmith had some of the same logic as Mustang built into the Toys MB jackpot values. As it stands now, I believe you only get the boost on JP values on 6-ball MB (doubles all JP values), whereas 5-ball MB only gives you 2 additional balls on the table vs 3-ball MB.

Is this correct?