Aerosmith Rulesheet


Stern employee on forum miracle! :slight_smile:


Is this a more direct/useful mechanism for bugs than which patch notes mention?


Future patch notes will include the new address but yes, use the address to directly contact Mike about any software issues.


I’ve noticed that it’s pretty easy during multiball to park a second ball on top of the left scoop-saucer when there’s a ball sitting in it, and you’ve got a ball out of play for 15-20 seconds. Any issues with doing this intentionally?


It’s intentional yes as long as you keep hitting shots and or jackpots the game timer pauses (Which is why during walk this way you can combo a bunch of ramps even if you are down to 1 second)


Discovered a fun twist on lock stealing. Not the standard lock steal since player’s locked balls are still virtually locked.

But during league last week, one player decided to try and get the 6 ball Toy MB. He got 5 balls locked. My turn next, I had 6 locks lit but purposefully started at 3 balls because it effectively started a 6 ball MB, even though I’m sure the scoring was still for 3 ball MB.

Very fun game, and one of the selling points for me was the animations. I like that style, it definitely pops and is funny as well with the Jacky dude popping up everywhere.


@sk8ball Is there any info noted or available in instant info re: the actual physical # of balls in the toy box? perhaps another nondescript # around the border of the display?

Would be handy to know for physical lock-stealing, as well as when starting my Elevator MB with what I thought were 4 balls in the Toy Box, only to see two balls get auto-plunged because the lock saucer/kicker had missed one of the 4 physical locks. :rage:


You can do the Josh Sharpe mod :wink:


No idea how good this score is, but I had my best game yesterday. 498m. My previous best was only 201m.


Not-So-Super Targets: They’re worth some value around 60K per target for 20? targets, I think. Pass.


Final Tour wizard multiball, on the other hand… quite worth it.


I was already playing all my games for Final Tour because the scoring was better in the modes… looks like that’s the right way to do it.


Final Tour wizard mode details & scoring from Pro model:
(Spoiler alert, so I’ve hidden the details until you click below)


If you’ve played Cybertron wizard mode on TF, then you’ll find this familiar.
Multiball (I think it was all 6 balls). Long initial ball-save period.
All major shots lit, and I believe I shot each of them twice.
Cool animations of planes, trucks, etc with city names as you made each shot.
Base shot value started around 3.5M, and each subsequent shot was 500K more.
Shot doublers and combo doublers meant that quite a few of my shots were 4x, (I was collecting 20M+ for some shots)
After all shots cleared, the left scoop lit for Super JP.
No locking balls in the Toy Box for PFx.

Joke based on spoilers

I knew I wouldn’t get let down with Save the President!


I had a situation today on AS. I locked my 3rd ball to start my 3rd toy box multiball (first one was 4ball, second one was 6 ball). I expected it to start and it didn’t. Does the game progressively make you lock more balls to start each additional multiball? I know you have to hit more lock shots to light the locks, but assumed it would still start with 3balls. I also had Medley lit so maybe it wouldn’t start toybox until I played Medley. Just seemed weird.


I’m pretty sure that the second multiball requires 4 locks.


@sk8ball : could you make suggestion to Lonnie for future code update, to have the first shot of each mode be the same for all players in a multi-player match with Competition settings turned on? Right now, two players could start modes like Same Old Song with one player having the first shot on the Toy Box, and player two having the first shot at the left orbit.

Thanks again for taking feedback and offering game tips/insight on Tilt.


I’m 75% sure at Cactus Jack’s this weekend I started a 3 ball second Toy Box multiball, but can’t guarantee that.


You’re right - I did this last night locally (second toybox three-ball). Not sure what’s up there.


When you guys find stuff like this (and bugs in general) please email: so I can verify and log them?