Aerosmith Rulesheet


The default EB settings are definitely very reflexive, I’ve had a game or two now with EB lit off the first plunge, hah.

CIU lights the feature to count as shots for a song, e.g. Same Old Song + Dance CIU lights all of the Aerosmith targets for shots. Great to bring into MB, it goes straight to Super Targets when it’s complete.

The left inlanes can be toggled, but not the right inlane.

Does the lock bar button do anything besides abort MB? I thought it might be the standard free shot, but I haven’t seen it work and am not sure how you’d light it.


There was a launch party at Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA yesterday that was live-streamed by TheGeekyHusband on Twitch. It was new for a lot of us there, so the basic strategy was play as many songs as you can and go for Toys multiball. From what I observed, EB was lit after starting three songs (and Toys was included in the count of songs). Didn’t see anyone start Love in an Elevator, but I wasn’t watching the whole time so I’m not sure if someone started it while I wasn’t paying attention. EB also seemed to come on randomly; not sure what triggered it.

Whole Stream ->
High Score of the Day (Michael -> Player 4, 140m) -> [Video starts with Player 4 on Ball 1]
Championship Match ->


Added some more notes to the wiki and removed a lot of the criticisms and opinions.

Still have no idea what the number for cheese, toybox, and song notes do. The “coin” is consumed when you start a super mode and that value is added only to that super mode.


Cheese is spinner spins for next spinner level, notes are bumper hits for next bumper level.
Toybox is shots left to light extra ball for finding Jacky. You’ll see Jacky play a little animation on the screen after hitting certain shots on the playfield (unlit ones only?).


I’ve posted a general tutorial of the game. Not as good as a Bowen tutorial but all my “good” takes were immediately ruined by 3 balls to the outlane.


More little things (take all of this with a grain of salt):
I think you get a base JP of 1 million for 6 ball Toys multiball vs. a base JP of 500k for 3 - 5 balls.
I think Super Scoring is points per switch hit, and the only super feature that doesn’t carry over when you drain (?).
If you drain after starting a Crank It Up, the song completes, but you don’t get the Super Feature (all songs? CIU generally acts like a mini-Super feature.)
If you drain during the final shot, the song completes, but you don’t get the Super feature.
Completing the Aerosmith targets lights Mystery at the scoop. Keep an eye on these before going into MB so that you can get your add-a-ball, similar to the pick targets in Metallica.
I’ve gotten “Smart Missile” from Mystery, which allows you to press the Smart Button for free shots. (How many?)


These aren’t always true. Was having trouble figuring out all the specific situations.

I had a really weird situation where I was playing Sweet Emotion in Toys MB. I had multiple balls stuck in the elevator and I had 2 shots remaining in the mode. I went to grab a key to open the game to try to fix it. When I opened the coin door I think it registered a drain? With 2 balls missing? But I saw Super Scoring total 200k show on the display.

I got 3 when I got this.


The only answer to that problem: more takes. Well, ok, there are other answers, but usually the answer is more takes.


If you picture the mode rules from Star Trek, that will help. Crank It Up is Away Team: +20 seconds to the mode, significant changes to how it behaves, mode ends if you drain.


Essentially, “Modes are now based on the Super Features.”

In Aerosmith, Crank It Up Walk This Way lights the ramps (alternating after the first) for points. Walk This Way awards Super Ramps. (This is the same functionality as Away Team Klingon Battle)

In Star Trek, Away Team Save the Enterprise lights the side ramp and the left loop for points. Save the Enterprise III awards Galactic Warp Ramp (the left loop is the natural shot that feeds the warp for the Away Team mode).


The easiest way I found to get a quick 30m (pingolf target at Pin-masters) was start Same old song and dance (sometimes it’s center ramp right away) and then crank it up and then shoot your right wall of targets. Which nicely richchets into the toybox. Could get 30m in like 6 shots that way and complete the mode. Value for super targets is pretty low though under 100k per target.


Still learning this game, but I had a 90M Walk This Way today. Woo hoo!


one shot or total? :wink:


Ha, definitely not on one shot!


Today I had a good WtW which lit super ramps for 6.5 mil I believe? Started toybox, relocked 2 balls for 3x playfield. Had shot doubler on center ramp and combo’d into it a couple times for 80+ million a shot.

You can also set up the elevator super to be pretty huge as well using the shot multiplier/ combo strat. Each floor jackpot can be quadrupled which goes into the super. The super is collected at 100% if you do all 8 floors in one multiball. Otherwise it’s 75% for 2, or 50% for 3 or more.


Holy crap!


Neat. These are clever rules, it can be hard to figure out that something good like this is happening in there. Thanks!


Took me a long time to figure out what Crack It Up was on this table. I thought it was like Metallica’s Crank It Up.

The ricochets might vary depending on the machine. The one at Family Arcade that I played was more likely to kill the ball’s momentum and send it into the right outlane. Then again, half the stuff would send the ball into the right outlane.


The following modes will end immediately without awarding super feature if you drain after activating Crank It Up (the “easy” modes):
Back In The Saddle, Rats in a Cellar, Walk This Way

The other modes will always continue on your next ball even if you drain during CIU:
Dude Looks Like A Lady, Last Child, Same Old Song & Dance, Sweet Emotion

A little bug/gotcha: After the first shot of Back In The Saddle, the bumpers will cycle the lit shot. When the mode ends, all shots are lit for the final shot. But if you hit a bumper, the cycling logic kicks in? and only a single shot is lit to complete the mode. Makes it more difficult to complete, and if you drain you don’t get Super Pops.


Thanks, I let Lonnie know. I’ll start a new thread but if you guys come across bugs on Stern games you can fire an email to: