Aerosmith Rulesheet


That works on ours too.


There are a few other occasions where it switches to that too, namely when you put at least one ball back in the toy chest in Toys in the Attic Multiball: The notification that your scoring’s been multiplied is purple DMD-style dots on a complete black screen.

Undoubtedly, that’s because the art and animation haven’t been completed for this yet. For that matter, the animation in this is awful. It’s that really cheap, stiff rig-based animation I used to see on Newgrounds. (Rig-based animation can be done very well though. There’s been some rigging animation done using ToonBoom that’s so good, it’s indistinguishable from traditional frame-by-frame animation. To my knowledge, shows like Gravity Falls and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which both use ToonBoom, will occasionally use the program’s rigging options when frame-by-frame is too difficult, too time-consuming, or too expensive.)

I hope later updates improve the animation. Frankly, it’s not really that fun to watch. (The animation, I mean.)


I added some details on the “flower” that tracks mode progress. Perhaps there is a better term for it.

I also added that 2 of the modes: Rats in the Cellar and Back in the Saddle do not need all 8 flower petals for the mode to be completed. I’m not sure if these are the only 2 that operate this way or not.


After playing and streaming a bit, the score display isn’t so bad in person (it’s more of a white on teal). For stream, you’ll need to tweak the exposure settings on your camera to prevent the background from bleeding and making the score unreadable.

EBs are worth 15 million points when disabled. On default settings, you light EB for starting your first Toys multiball?, as well as from starting 3 songs.

For some songs, shots seem to be random. Worth scrolling through the song list to see which songs line up with easy/high value shots.


Beware: VIP Pass during MB doesn’t always give you your outlane ball save.


Yeah, and it uses it up so you don’t get it after MB! Boo :frowning:


[quote=“mwelsh, post:44, topic:2499, full:true”]EBs are worth 15 million points when disabled. On default settings, you light EB for starting your first Toys multiball?, as well as from starting 3 songs.

Starting Toys Multiball didn’t get me an extra ball at Family Arcade (or any other part of Toys Multiball), but starting three songs did.


Default EB setting is 25% which I think is what causes Toy MB to give you the extra ball. If they turned this to something like 10% it would take your Toy extra ball away.


Here’s a link to an OffHours360 video of Aerosmith in action: watch in any browser but Safari (360).

There are a lot more of these videos coming!

Right Reverend [REC] Ryan Richards


25% and 10% of what, might I ask?


I assume song completions or starts. Completing/starting the 3rd song (multiballs ncluded) passes the 25% threshold for all 9.


In the service menu it simply says Extra Ball Percentage. It doesn’t make much sense, but when we changed ours to 10% it got rid of the free extra ball just for starting multiball.


Extra ball % is the fraction of games that get an extra ball–the game will adjust the difficulty of the EB until “Your players” get an EB that fraction of the time. Something like Star Trek, for instance, adjusts the number of warps for EB. The fraction of the time that mystery gives EB will also float to get the right number.


Ah, that’s what it means? I take it that starting Toys Multiball can trigger an extra ball but only some of the time, in that case. (Sorry, I’m having trouble figuring out how adjusting the percentage of games that can provide an extra ball affects whether or not Toys Multiball will begin with an extra ball available.)

I played the machine at Family Arcade a lot because it was the first public location in southern California to have one, and I played a bunch of games to try to understand the rules. I think I’ve started Toys Multiball about 20 times total and have only seen Extra Ball lit once ever, for any reason. (And because it was just once, I couldn’t figure out what caused it.) I take it that the Extra Ball Percentage is set very low on this machine, but not to 0%. Or I’m unlucky. But I doubt it, because most of the people playing pinball there ignore the Aerosmith machine, so whenever I stop on by, I can just play it whenever I want. (On the other hand, there’s always someone at Monopoly, Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Fortune, so I can’t play those machines. They’ll drop more tokens in after their previous game ends and give me attitude if I want to play.)


So there will be a bunch of triggers that “might” give an EB on a lot of games, and they’ll get turned on in some order so that the players get EB the fraction of the time that the operator wants.

The EB trigger being N songs/warp ramps/etc., where N adjusts itself over time, is more typical: every 100 games (or something), the game will adjust N such that the right number of EBs would’ve been awarded.


The way i’ve been playing this recently is ->
Start Walk this Way. Get as many points in this as possible from the combos and crank it up. Then when that’s done I play Rats in the Cellar or Back in the Saddle. I ignore these modes and work on getting my toybox locks up to 6. After 5 locks I time out the last mode I’m on and try to bring in one of the hard ones like Sweet Emotion into toybox MB.

After that multiball I try to play Last Child in single ball play to get mode points + progress to Elevator MB.

With the coins adding value to your super modes… can they add value after a super mode has started? Is it worth trying to go for 10m super ramps in the late game instead of 2m super ramps in the early game?


Can you play super modes during multiball? I thought I may have played super ramps during Toys, but I couldn’t keep track. I played WTW with both ramps doubled for a 225M mode total, but wasn’t clear if my playfield 2x/3x was affecting those shot values or not. I’m guessing they were.

Do the points in Medley go up as you get deeper into it? I’ve only played it twice and drained out pretty early on, but it didn’t seem to be worth much at all.


hahaha. Sweet. I guess if you were getting 4x-6x value from shot multiplier and PFx, then that mode score makes sense, as I’ve seen ~40M mode total with no multipliers without trying too hard.

Not sure. I played it twice, but was by myself – so no spotter to keep track of the display. The second time, I went quite a few songs deep into Medley, and I ended with Medley total of over 100M.


Okay, then the values must increase as you get deeper into the songs. The first time I didn’t pass the first song and only scored 8M, then the second time I drained on the second song for 20 something. Possibly the shots are 1M each for the first song, 2M each for the second song, and so on…? Will try to investigate next time I get to play it.


I’m guessing that’s the case. I recall the values being nice round numbers.