Aerosmith Rulesheet


Thanks. Done!


I thought the 2nd MB added difficulties was that to light lock you needed 2 shot on the Toy box compare to one shot for 1st MB?


Correct. To get toybox mutiball the second time each light lock requires two shots to the toybox.


i get its 2 shots to light the lock on second toybox but are you supposed to collect an additional lock to start it too? I’m not sure if its a bug or by design. I know on mustang you can’t collect the same number of locks twice.


That’s a good thought - I’ve started Toybox 2 with only three locks, but only when Toybox 1 was at more than three locks.


Just played it again focusing only on the toy box. Toy box one= 1 shot to light lock- 3 locks minimum to start. Toy box two - 2 shots to light lock- 3 locks minimum to start. Toybox Three = 3 shots to light lock - FOUR lock minimum to start. Toybox Four = 4 shots to light lock and i drained before collecting the 3rd lock


It should always be 3 locks to start Toybox multiball.


Has anyone determined a preference of song order with the only goal of reaching Final Tour Wizard Mode?

I’m currently starting with Rats then Back in the Saddle while mostly just lighting/locking for toybox and elevator multiball since those two modes don’t require all shots for completion. I’m usually at four balls locked in the toybox and two locks in the elevator when I’ll start Sweet Emotion with the goal of starting elevator for a six ball multiball and finishing Sweet Emotion during the Elevator Multiball. I haven’t ever completed Elevator Multiball so I try to play it early knowing I’ll have to play it again to, hopefully at some point, complete it. If I’ve completed Sweet Emotion, I’ll start Dude for Toybox Multiball but if I wasn’t able to, I’ll try Sweet Emotion again. I’ve been around 40-50% successful at finishing Toybox Multiball on my first try. I’ll go with either Dude or Walk this Way after Toys (depending on if I completed Sweet Emotion during Elevator or had to play it during Toys). Then I go for Last Child to help get my Elevator Locks lit again before Same Old Song and Dance. I go for Crank it Up on every song with the exception of Rats and Back in the Saddle.

Unfortunately, in my 3 or 4 closest attempts, I’ve come up short on just the Elevator Multiball though I’ve completed every song.

I should also mention that I tend to deviate from that path if I’m able to get a multiplier on the center ramp since I can’t help myself but play Walk this Way with fantasies of monstrous Super Ramps dancing in my head.

Is there a better path to Final Tour? Any tips on completing Elevator?


I complete Elevator fairly often now. Based on my experience, I’m not finding that starting Elevator with the additional balls in play aids much – if at all – in completing Elevator… unless… you use that initial 6-ball frenetic period to both (a) get Mystery lit, and (b) not have one of the balls then land in the Mystery scoop early for a premature add-a-ball.

Outside of that tip, the rest of it is a typical cradle/control MB. For Elevator, you want to trap as many balls as possible on the R flipper, and do nearly all of your work with the L flipper, including using the Ctr Ramp as a precursor to each elevator scoop shot to double every single one of the Floor jackpots.


Super Scoring: has anyone figured out how this Super mode works/scores? You earn it from completing Sweet Emotion.


As far as I can tell it’s a timed frenzy mode. All switches score a few tens of thousands of points, 45k comes to mind. I think this may increase by 5k when a major shot is hit.


Finally put some time in on this.

Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

Infinitely. I’ve even looped it 2x a few times and 3x once.

AFAICT, there’s only a few modes where changes are significant, and most of the time the modes are EASIER.

For WTW and LC, the game just takes away the orbits/ramps, but you can only make those complementary shots once anyway, so if you’ve made them both, there’s no change to shots lit. DLLAL adds the inlanes to shots available, so that mode becomes way easier. BITS adds the Aerosmith targets which changes the mode from pretty much impossible to very doable. Sweet Emotion gets absolutely no change in shots at all (this seems to be a +30 seconds, however, as opposed to most other modes +20s). Obviously N/A to Klingon and Megatron, and not totally sure on the others yet. I know Rats adds the spinner somehow, but don’t get how it counts unless it just adds points.

I retract this because now having played it it doesn’t seem to be accurate. All I know is I was getting around 17/34M/shot.

And now for some tidbits that don’t seem to have been mentioned before.

I lit medley for the first time tonight, and drained before collecting. Cue glass smashing.

Second time I had it ready to go, I was in the middle of elevator. After I trapped up, I realized elevator was the last mode I had to win. Oh shit. Make a couple more megatron shots, drain. Catch ball on right, compose myself, shoot scoop.

Mystery award: add-a-ball. Oh, shit. OK, guess I have a shot at finishing.

Then Medley ALSO starts. Sweet.

I ignore Medley to finish elevator, which I do. Then proceed to drain out of Medley with 1 target left on first song. :neutral_face:

But then I nail the scoop on one shot to start Final Tour :sunglasses:

Didn’t finish Final Tour, wound up with 743M.

Don’t know if Medley would normally resurrect Elevator or if I just got extraordinarily lucky with the add-a-ball and Medley start, though. Guessing the latter, tbh.


That’s sweet! I’m sure that’s an unintended “feature” due to the grace period add-a-ball.

Re: Medley, is the order of the songs always the same? It’s always started on Same Old Song + Dance for me, but maybe it’s sorted based on mode scoring or something?


For Medley: yes, my experience has been the songs follow the same order.


I believe the GB Skill Shot exploit also works on this game for the right orbit and maybe even for the left if plunged hard enough. It was after a couple beers so if someone could confirm outside of my experience.


Can confirm, tried it today on the Pro! The skill shot trick would score a right orbit shot. Nice on this game because there often isn’t anything better to do from the plunge. The shot can also make progress toward the Find Jacky EB.


How do you get bonus X. I got a mystery award of 6X and one for 2X but is there another way


Completing the 3 inlanes.


I was watching the stream of the finals of Pinvasion yesterday and there was a reference made to the “Dude Looks Like a Lady” mode and not-well-known information about the mode – basically how it can be even more valuable than it appears though I never heard that information shared. My guess is that it has to do with Super Lanes. There was also a mention that KME confirmed this information. Does anyone know anything about this or have more info on this mode?


The super lanes are essentially the same thing as super ramps, because all ramps feed a lane, and the base point value for super lanes starts higher than the point value for super ramps (I think) and Dude mode does not finish early like Walk this Way can, which means that you can significantly build the value of the super lanes with less risk.