24 Hour Final Battle Sold Out. Player/Waitlist Posted.


Thanks for the tip!


Sorry. We are a G-Fuel free zone. We consider The Sanctum a safe space. You g fuel people are like a cult :wink:


Why wait when you can travel?



This is totally pink lemonade in my water bottle. Why would you ever think it was Faze Jev’s Ragin Gummy Fish ™ GFUEL ™?

Only winne-i mean weenies use GFUEL!


this looks hella fun, i’m definitely gonna look into joining next year.


Food truck Saturday evening!



I just got my notice that I’m off the waitlist and a spot has opened up, but it’s far too late for me to claim it. The email says “If you can no longer make it please let us know” but doesn’t provide any contact info, so I’m posting here in the hopes someone affiliated with the event will see it, bump me from the list, and make the next person happy.


Thanks for the notice!


@Gizmonic may get to play after all! :wink:


Anyone got a link to the standings?



He just might…


Haha good luck Ron! Just don’t drive straight home like Bruce :wink:


Would love to do this next year!


Congrats to Bowen for an impressive win. I think the most telling statistic was that after round 10, the point gap between leader Bowen and 2nd place was the same as the gap between 2nd and 89th place.


Wow. I didn’t look at that stat. Insane.


I was waiting on a picture from Bowen at Waffle House at 7am since he probably could have stopped playing then and still won.


Stop playing=no medal. What goods a trophy with no medal?

Plus no waffle houses up here in the northeast :wink:


Is there a link to any coverage of the action?


Had an issue with the player cam not working for a bit at the start. Have fun watching that for 21 hours. The first 3 got broken off separate from a computer crash