24 Hour Final Battle Sold Out. Player/Waitlist Posted.


Sorry to hear these story guys. I wish there was something we could do. Obviously there was like 200 people clicking the same exact thing at the same exact time :frowning: we switched to a ticketing service last year to help things go smoother.


Here is the most current and up to date lists that everyone can follow.

Still Tracking down one name




Also we will be raffling that team one off for project pinball. Please grab a ticket in advance here.


I’ll have the game banks posted later today.


Could you clarify, the overall winner is based on total points over all rounds, so someone could have the win locked up going into the final round? The finish in the final round only determines the winner of the group prize pool?

Can the bounty for beating the Final Battle on The Shadow be won by multiple players or is it for the first player to do it?


Correct. There could be a lockup for 1st going into the last round if the leader is at least 10 points ahead of everyone else. So the top tier group of 4 may have a winner already for the whole event the rest are still playing for 2nd-4th and a winner for the round for the final group bounty.

As for the Final Battle challenge on The Shadow, we haven’t had a winner in 4 years. If you hit it I’m sure you’ll be the only one. :slight_smile:


Then I guess the chances of 2 players beating the Final Battle in the same game is infintesimal. :joy:



Sorry for the delay on getting the banks up here. Spent an 8 hour night with a crew preping games. Still plenty more to do.

Thanks to our local walrus here is a great link to all the game banks!



Two questions:

Does the Sanctum have wifi?

Does the Sanctum allow for blanket forts?


Yes we do but please don’t be streaming movies and stuff on it.

No blanket forts. We need to be respectful and cautious of other people that may be in the building. Someone pitched a tent one year and that was not well received by the building staff.


Thank you for the handy game list and all the prep work to pull this off. Stoked for this weekend!


Looking forward to this weekend.

Also, very sad to see that Congo appears to have moved to a new home. :cry:


Same, but Title Fight is off the list, so I consider that a fair trade :slight_smile:


I will agree with this. Also watching your Skill Fire game last year was pretty awesome…which I think was around 5am?!


If I remember right, the big left post was removed so that made it easier to get a steady flow of super skills dropping in. That was game 1 of the final round, so probably like 7am! :dizzy_face:


Congo is still in the stable but not currently in the lineup here. Post wast removed but it was open to the widest setting. Easier drains but much easier skill shot.


Darn, can’t make a blanket Fort Pitt. Oh well!

So Sanctum vets, what should a newcomer know about the games and the slog of 24 hours of pinball?


Games usually set up very fair. As always, watch EM score reels carefully. Definitely try and keep perspective on how long you’ll be playing. Sit down!

You’ll be playing for 24 hours. I would recommend G FUEL, and using code PINBALL for a discount.


It goes by a lot faster than you’d expect.

You can practice games between rounds, so no need to over-prepare or try to learn everything before round 1 starts.


Ball saves will be off like usual. Tilts sets respectfully but not loose. Outlanes typically open and center posts won’t have rubber unless it’s a Kirk post :wink: