24 Hour Final Battle Sold Out. Player/Waitlist Posted.

May 26th! 3PM! Be Ready!

Tournament is November 3rd/4th.

For all the details go to tothesanctum.org Links to the ticket registration and facebook event page with all the details are posted right there.

One note to everyone. Check the refund policy. Please don’t sign up and take a spot if you don’t think you can honestly make it. We have a long waitlist of people who really want to play and are ready and often we have people back out last minute and those on the waitlist don’t have proper time to commit and make travel plans. No Full refunds will be issued this year. Refunds start at 75% until August 31st.

Good luck everyone!


Was this originally scheduled for May 19?

Yes it was. But then the NYCPC was scheduled that weekend. Since so many of the same players will be there and in the middle of qualifying and fighting with hotel WiFi I figured it was best to push it back a week.

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3pm Eastern Time, I presume.


Appreciate that Jim!

No problem. Good luck with the event. Sorry I can’t make it.

Reminder. This Saturday at 3 PM eastern. Don’t snooze. If it’s sold out when you go to get tickets be sure to get on the waitlist which will appear once it’s sold out.

Tothesanctum.org All the info and links are right on front of homepage. Get familiar with the site and ticketing site now!


T minus one hour!

That sucked!
Not even 10 seconds? Well, guess I’m hoping for the waitlist to move!

Same here. Hoping for waitlist movement!

Sat refreshing, hit purchase immediately at 2. Took browser 15 secs to load the ticket. Sold out.

Tothesanctum.org for lists as I clean them up.

If I’m not mistaken, over 30 people dropped last year. I think I was 32 and got in the last week. Of course by then, my flight was almost $1000 and no way I could go. I think if you are in the top 25 out, you may have a shot.

Congrats on the fast sellout. I think it was pretty fast last year, but there’s no going back now.

… and somehow I missed it again. It doesn’t help that I’m traveling but I should have remembered! SIGH

I’m going to have to see a time-to-sellout on this; that was crazy!

For those who secured 2 tickets (my SO wants to join me and I bought her ticket as well), when will we be able to register names?

Contact me directly to sort this out. Thanks.

As far as time to sellout I can’t even track it. Seconds is all I know.

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I got foiled by not using the Eventbrite app. Every time I went to checkout (three times before it displayed the waitlist as opposed to number-of-tickets option), it brought me back to the main page. I couldn’t even add myself to the waitlist without installing the app. (I was playing at the pre-IFPA15 event at Bluffs, which is why I was on my phone.) Fingers crossed the waitlist moves and congratulations on the high demand!

I tried to register using a phone browser. Four separate times I was able to select a quantity of tickets, only to be kicked back to the main screen with an error message about tickets not being available.

It seems that these days it’s not enough to be incredibly lucky on when you click a button, you also have to fade the registration code not failing on you.