24 Hour Final Battle Sold Out. Player/Waitlist Posted.


here’s a few of my shots during the comp - need to get some sleep but at the airport so figured I’d edit them now: https://store.orangephotography.com/p622412852


The closest thing to Waffle House in the Northeast is a regional chain called Friendly’s. Great ice cream, too!


My favorite place as a kid when I lived in Connecticut. Coffee Fribble Shake FTW!


Sweet thanks Jim!


Thanks Gene!! Said smoking a cigarette is a cool pic and Chuck and Teolis staring deeply into each others eyes is very romantic! Lots of awesome pics! That hallway looks like a place I don’t want to be in!


Haha. Let’s just say I would be born if it wasn’t for Friendly’s


I drove straight home :grin:


Friend-Z? Ah ha ha ha!

Thanks to Jim and Mark and Jake and everyone else who organized this. Really solid, fun, camp community experience, with very well set games.


Yes, awesome time, thank you to the crew that put it on!