I’m sure the drain wasn’t Trent’s fault . . . but it wasn’t the chair’s fault either :slight_smile:


Wasn’t the only chair that was a casualty of this tournament, so no chair is safe in the clubhouse.

Myself and @timballs were trying to come up with some tag lines for PPO8

“We’re running out of chairs”
“Are you sitting down?”
“Standing room only”
“Chair-ity tournament”
“Hold onto your seats!”


Anytime a tournament includes TAF, you know there’s gonna be a lot of chair shots. You’d think the more experienced players would wait until it’s lit though ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Good thing for TTA that the chair wasn’t plugged in yet.

Great jokes aside: Was there any consequence from the tournament directors? This kind of behavior is pretty toxic to creating a welcoming environment for newer tournament players.


The obvious “severe” penalty (probably too severe here, but used for illustration) for an infraction would be loss of game. But in many cases, the reason for the behavior is loss of game, so that would not be a deterrent. Loss of round would not necessarily help, either, if that was the last game of the round. There would have to be more, e.g. forfeiture of something already gained, like a zero for the round even if you had already earned points in prior games.

Anger isn’t going to go away; even in “real sports,” people need to vent, and can do so in ways that do not incur game penalties. [There are ways that do incur penalties, e.g. when directed too severely at other people or the facility itself.] In golf, you can toss your own clubs in the lake or bend them by whacking them on the ground; the penalty is you can’t use them any more. But they’re your clubs, so your venting was somewhat self-contained. Ditto tennis rackets: I saw several players whack their rackets on the ground in frustration hard enough that they had to grab a replacement in both Mens and Womens matches at the US Open. But you couldn’t throw your racket all over the court, where someone could get hit by it, without a penalty. We don’t have such player-owned used-to-play items in pinball. We could use a designated anger reliever item. A non-toxic way to release the stress.

Still, I can’t resist one more joke: if you’re playing WWE, is specifically chair molestation part of the game?

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A pretty good kick too, in my opinion. I don’t think he thought it would zip off so well!

Any sort of forfeiture of a match would be unprecedented as a penalty in the IFPAPA rules.

We follow a strict Yellow/Red card policy for IFPA for player conduct like this. The only penalty for player conduct that I have is GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY TOURNAMENT.

Yellow card serves as a warning . . . Red card serves as your notice that all pinball playing for you is done at this event.


I think the guy playing on the right should’ve gotten a red card for poor dancing technique. Dude has no rhythm whatsoever. That was painful to watch.

I’d rather have someone kick a chair then drop a loud F bomb with kids around. Frustration is a part of competition. Some of us hold it in better than others, but I hardly think kicking a chair is worthy of a penalty. If I was a noob, that wouldn’t make me head for the door.


I woke up to this gif in a PM and must have watched it for at least 5 minutes straight. It’s mesmerizing.


The quality of that Trent kick is definitely 9.5+.

Beats out Bowen’s kick from PAPA19:

I gave myself a yellow card at IFPA12 in Sweden for attempting to kick one of Metallica’s legs (after draining with CIU lit following a decent ball 3 attempted comeback). I need some lessons because I mostly missed the leg and then sort of bashed my shin into the side of the cabinet . . . which hurt more than I was planning on it hurting.


@pinwizj without giving names. What is the yellow and red stats for IFPA since you instated this ruling?

here’s the longer version with the bonus addition and even more dancing:

and… at least he was a good sport and shook his hand before he was a bad sport and kicked the chair.


I really had to laugh at this extended version. Sums up pinball pretty nicely.


I would say at least a dozen yellow cards over the years . . . ZERO red cards. I’ve been really happy with the ‘warning’ system. Those that have been warned (myself included) have ended up paying more attention to their own behavior for the rest of the event.

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Greg’s extra dancing on the Director’s Cut really sets the scene nicely.


Yes! I would suggest to anyone considering this, that they should be using an El Toro as the “designated anger reliever item.”

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@kayluh, you deleted your post, was this just because YouTube links can be a little wonky in this forum? I think that “quality failure scream” you were thinking about was this one: http://pinballvideos.com/?v=319&s=3214#mark-not-getting-to-valinor


Or in the case of Sharpes, High Hand?

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