Yup! That’s exactly it. And yeah, I deleted it because Youtube wasn’t embedding itself in the thread and there was nothing linked in my comment. Thanks for sorting it out! Failure scream is a great way to save chairs, especially if you’re at Pinburgh and you can’t move them!


I actually kicked over a chair once I found out the tiebreaker game was on High Hand, prior to actually playing the game :slight_smile:


Anyone notice how well the dancing man and Trent’s leg kicks are coordinated?


Aww, you guys, Trent was just dancing!


@G_Money please chime in


Our kicks are coordinated @kayluh!

On a slightly serious note I will say, this is why I wear headphones. What I miss from the game, I more than make up for it by being able to stay focused on the game (or the music). :smiley:

I like the shorter version better, because the long one has my pre-multiball dance :open_mouth:


As u can see from the video, I was almost kicked but I was too focused on losing to Zen that I didn’t really pay attention. Greg turns around maybe like 60 seconds later, smiles and says “something happened behind me, didn’t it”


I didn’t see the kick the first two times I watched the gif because I was too enthralled with the dancing. I was thinking, “Yellow card? His dancing isn’t that bad.” :joy:


Are you the dancing man?!? You’re my hero!


I am the dancing man :blush:


You know the Gong Show is getting a reboot? You and Trent should take your act on the road. Gene Gene the Dancing Machine has got nothing on you. d;^)


I love the yellow card/red card system because you never have to hand out red cards*. It works great to tell a player “Your behavior is unacceptable. Do it again and you’ll be asked to leave”.

* I know two players have gotten “red cards” in the Bay Area since I started playing. Some men just want to watch the world burn.


Did issue a few yellow card for language but never had to go to red either… Especially an issue when you want to keep the environment family friendly…


The coin op hammer games, or punching bag games, seem to get a pretty good workout at a lot of arcades with frustrating games in them–be it pinball or fighting games or whatever. I know I’ve certainly put my quarters in to hit something after a terrible drain…


I think it’s interesting how a lot of people think this behavior is funny. I can think of a couple of Bay Area players that if they behaved like this would be banned from leagues/tournaments.

I agree the gif is funny, and that anger in competition isn’t going away but I don’t actually think acting like a huge baby and kicking a chair with people standing around is funny :thinking:


Isn’t it like when you watch America’s Home Videos (or whatever it’s called). You’ll frequently see people falling over or hurting themselves, but it’s funny because it’s an unusual situation

Completely agree that at the time it would have been quite shocking, and sounds like a yellow card was applied as warning in this case. But looking back at it … surely we can find some amusement from it now?

Kayla made a point a day or three back about people trying to out PC each other on this site, and I think it’s true. Relax a little and life can be more fun :slight_smile:


Ehh you lost me here. I don’t think it has anything to do with being “PC” to keep the environment friendly and welcoming by minimizing unnecessary aggressive outbursts. I’ve been a TD at many league nights and events and have warned players for excessive stuff like this. Telling someone to “relax a little” comes off pretty condescending and doesn’t address the matter at hand.


Some amusement, yes, but it’s a balance. The way we talk about things matter. If people who scream or kick things is treated as “fun” they will also been seen as “acceptable” because it’s all “fun”. I don’t think it’s “fun” because it’s harmful to the tournaments I officiate to treat these incidents as “fun”. We hear it locally from new players every time someone acts like this “I liked the tournament, but it was scary playing next to Player X”.

That’s why I tried to make this thread a little more serious instead of a random list of chair puns. Words matter.


What’s wrong with screaming? As long as it’s not obscenity laced I see nothing wrong with it. People Like Josh and Sean Grant add interest to an otherwise extremely dull spectator “sport”.


I can’t imagine @kayluh telling me I need to relax when it comes to me calling out what I see as poor behavior. As an “operator” or whatever you want to call what I do, I would be horrified if anyone came into my establishment and kicked anything.